Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 11th 1:07am :D.

Hai hai hai hai! I haven't kept updating and it is making me mad cause I keep saying I willl xDD, I really do try o.o, no joke O.O. I will keep updating sooner or later o.o! Eventually o.o, mwahhaa o.o!

So, my Dad finally took me to the GED place! I start in January, I need to hurry and finally get this shit shiz over with already so I can do something GREAT with my life, seriously. So this woman said they have this photography program and I will probably do it. Then after probably something with business or something in the medical field.

LIFE IS TO SHORT TO ONLY DO ONE THING IN LIFE, right? Indeed I am, so woot woot.

Eh I don't really want to drive but I am going to get my license after my GED or during, ima take the classes. I just don't wann drive with all the fucking freakin' crazy people out there on the road O.O. So yeah o.o.

I will write more another day, kinda tired heh DX. I really will  update soon o.o. Just incase I forget..which I WON'T! Merry Christmas Everyone <3.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9th!

Hey there! I know it has been foreverrrrrrrrr, but I haven't really been home, blah blah blah right?

What have you missed? Eh not sure but maybe if you keep reading you will see haha. I know I'm mean, deal with it you awesome person :D!

I finally got the other side of my lip pierced ya know, angel bites, and then I got my bellybutton/naval re-done. The bellybutton hurt worse than my lip one, weird huh? Well, they look pretty darn sweettttt :D!

I've been at Angels for a week or two or three, haha, just haven't felt like going home. Eh. I miss Sarah and everything but it just gets sad/boring/depressing there and with my Dad acting like a butt and won't do anything for me(school wise) I don't see the point in staying there alot, mean I know but I mean c'mon! I seriously should have already had my G.E.D. by now and it is just ridiculous >.>. I'm just waiting for him to text me or call saying that he misses me but I doubt that will happen haha. I'm a sucky person afterall. ANYHOW, enough of that haha.

Sarah's birthday was yesterday! I wasn't there but still wished her a happy birthday. I know her birthday wasn't the best seeing as she had chemo that day, bummer eh? Overall though, from how she said her day was though seemed pretty good to me which is great because she deserves a great birthday even when she isn't feeling well. I love and miss you Sarah (: <3.

I got a tattoo, yep, like a week or two ago, forgot, anyhow it's the eye of horus, it kinda hurt seeing as it hit a little bit of a bone D: !

Babysitting! I have been doing that alot, or well been trying too! I gets money and get to hangout with Addison so it's pretty rad :D. I get to see Nina too so which is super duper awesome cause I love her sooo much :D <3.

Ima go but sorry for a short update, I will really try to post a new entry soon. Love you guys<3.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14th.

Konnichiwa babeh ;D. I know I said I would update soon, this is basically soon so shhushhh! I just haven't felt like writing, well blogging haha. Bleh bleh! I cut my hair, yes I kinda look like a guy, but ima girl dang it! I like it though:3.

I've been up here with my Mom for like 2 weeks! I've had alot of fun, and I love her alot. But I miss my Dad and Sarah D:! I shall be going home Monday though so woot woot:3. I hope Sarah is doing good, but eh, ya know how things are so heh.


I still need to get my g.e.d :/, I know I know I need to hurry up and do that, I will I will! I really don't want to drive, but I figure I shiuld atleast get my license when i' 18 even though I probably won't need it cause I won't want to drive haha xD, I'm weird I know, don't judge me! xD

I finally know I want to do you guys! I dunno if I wrote it in another blog post but oh well! I want to be a photographer. Like, take pictures of nature, weddings, kids, familys, anything really(: Except nude people! xDD, haha. That's what I wanna do :3. Then have a minor in business o:, so yeah!
I want another tattoo! I wanted to like have a humming bird and butterfly on my chest, like higher than my japanese tattoos and one on the upper right and the other on the upper left, but I can't find any awesome humming birds but I did find this nice butterfly, picture after this, and well I will probably get it but with different colors:3. Looks pretty wicked eh? (the butterfly on the upper left shoulder, click to make bigger).

Well, I shall update later ;D. Love you guys, peace ;D.

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 6th.

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me WHERE has this weird girl been? I know I know, I said I would update weekly but I just haven't o.o. I wish I would have, heh.

Not much to tell you guys. Sorry.

Well, I am up here with my Mom, in Asheville, have been for almost two weeks and we have had soooo much fun and yeah, awesomeness. (: I am still here, just hanging out, hehe.

I wish I could right more, but my mind is all RARARARA o.o.

I PROMISE to update soon:3.
Love you guys<3.
I'll write'cha later ;D.

Also, I bought a dress!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 20th.

GAH, hey you! YEAH YOU. I have missed typing, suprising? Nah. I have been wanting to post a new entry just didn't know what to say really, heh. Almost a month since I have wrote, and it sucks D: I still want to blog weekly but we will see how that goes, won't we?(: I shall update you..starting...NOW.

My Dad and Granny!

July 10th! My Dad's birthday! We didn't really do anything. We ate some honeybun cake, and let me tell you..MMMMM, it was so damn dang good! We played his video games, well not really together haha. Not much of a day really, but I thought it was good. He turned 41, SHH ;D.

July 15th! My Granny's birthday. I didn't really see her, but I did go to work with my Dad that morning to give her a card and ..CORN. I picked the corn just for her! She liked it, hahaha.

Past couple of weeks?! Haven't seen my Mom :/. I have spent time with my sister, Nina, and her baby, Addison. That was fun. I don't always see her alot, but I should. She is just amazing, and so is little Addison.


I love her alot :D, and Addison. We ate, watched movies, chilled, gossiped, alot of shiz, haha.
Stayed at my cousins, Angel, Brooklynn, and Jacob and had fun with them and even stayed with Memaw some.

How's Sarah? I guess she is okay, heh. I haven't been home much really >.<. But! I did go with her today while she got a shot, she has to get this certain shot after chemo, so I went with her. I would love to go to every visit but sometimes I can'tand that sucks D: She doesn't need to go alone! I really hate to leave home alot because I don't think anyone else would come watch movies with her and not annoy her lol. I love her alot, and do miss her when I leave!

Anyhow! I read my step sisters blog awhile back and feel like I should reply to it on mine, I will try to be nice ;D.

"She never asks to see me, or WANTS me to be there, but I guess it's okay, because none of them do. Everyone acts like Adrianna, my step-sister, is the golden child and is so perfect because she helps out. It's not like she has anything else to do honestly, and she has no where to go. She does nothing but stays up all night and sleeps all day, and I would still be doing that too if I didn't have school and work now. She needs to do something with herself since she dropped out of school. She could get a job, or at least her GED, but she has made no attempt at doing either. But whatever, she's perfect right? "

Well, Sarah shouldn't have to ask you/her daughter to come around or be there, when you audomatitly should, stop by when you want! I'm sure Sarah would love to see you anytime. Hahaahaha, noone acts like im "the golden child" or "perfect", my bad for being nice. I have nothing to do, sorry that I don't? Nowhere to go, yeah because my family tends to suck at times, not my fault. I don't stay up all night and sleep all day, I couldn't, Dad always wakes me up,a nd even if I stay up all night I wake up before or at 1pm and that isn't bad, which I don't see why what time I go to bed and wake up even matters. Ahh, I have made attempt to get my g.e.d, ask Dad, I've been trying to get him to take me up there, since he wants to get it with me, so yeah. Can't get a job without a g.e.d so that answers that. Haha, "perfect"? Sure sure. Not everything is about you Sapphire, I love you but sometimes iunno.
That's my reply!Enjoy~

I love you guys who actually read my blog!Tune in more, and check out my Youtube please<3.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th, Good afternoon!

Ello you! Your probably thinking, "WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU BLOGGED WEEKLY?!". I'm sorry o.o, don't beat me DX. Anyhow! The reason why you make ask?! Because in the past two weeks, I have went to my Moms and now just got back from White Lake. Videos will be below!
So, I am sorry guys! I loves youuu :3.

How was going to my Moms?! It was fun! :D. I made like 4 or 3 videos, so you guys should totally watch them! I had a blast there. The people there look really awesome:3.
How was White Lake? Um, it was alright. Pretty cool going there since I have been there in what, 2 years >.>    My family hasn't really invited me to go and do things with them, not my fault they never want to talk to me >.>
We can stop talking about that for now.
I got my first tattoo yesterday!
Well technically two tattoos, two japanese symbols that mean Dream and Beauty! :D. And a piercing, Madonna!
It was awesome:3.
To me piercings hurt more O:


Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th Around 1pm, at the hospital.

Hey everyone! How is your summer? Hopefully going pretty well. You should just be happy you get this kind of break, haha.

My what so called summer, will be normal, I will try to be home alot. Mainlyy for Sarah, because everyone else gets on my nerves somehow, or do at times. Atleast if I stay home, Sarah won't have to stay around Dad in the bedroom or have the baby running around acting retarded because I will be mean, lol. Sarah shouldn't feel alone, because she isn't. Not even close really, but I am here for her and that's a big plus. Wouldn't you want some weirdo looking troll help you? Haha I think YES :3. So, I am going to try to go to every appointment she has, that is a hard commitment, lol, but I will try. I love you Sarah!

Right now I am using the hospitals wifi. We left the house around six something this morning to make her early bird appointment, which was around eight. She had to get radiation, then something else was done so she could get her bones scanned, I dunno the official doctor word for it, sorry. Waited four hours, till her 1pm appointment, which she is back there now, I forgot why she is back there but yeahh. Then we will have to wait again because her last appointment of the day is at three I believe. I'm sorry that I don't know what's being done off the tip of my head D: I'm sure all we go well and we will succeed on going home! Wish her luck,

This week I am going to my Moms. Thursday thru Sunday, I think. I'm hoping will have lots of fun! She says we will do alot and have alot planned, but just going there seems like a good thing, I am excited lol. We'll see though.

I'm going for now, thanks guys! I love everyone ;D.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 5th. 2:00am

Konnichiwa guys. How's it going? Hopefully pretty dang good seeing as this is the last week of school for you all, and I hope everyone did GREAT on their exams. (:

I really don't do anything anymore, not like I can haha. I sit around like I always have but it really gets old. I help Sarah and stay and keep her company because I love her and that's what I should do. Help her in anyway needed. Sapphire hasn't really been around much, and iunno if that worries me but I kinda don't feel that it's right, but what do I know? And Austin, well, he's a guy, well boy, and probably doesn't understand as much as he probably thinks but he should be nicer, verbally anyway, since he likes to say things. I feel that everyone should be helping out and being nice, but it doesn't seem to be going that way or to me it doesn't seem that way.

Someone made me this, suppose to be Stephen and I.
As long as Sarah is getting and feeling better I am happy. She has to have chemo though. We don't know when but she does, for about 5-6 months probably. I don't think it will be too bad but you really never know, it can have different effects upon everyone. She already said she would rather her hair fall out then puke alot. Heck, I'm with her on that. I dislike throwing up, alot. All we go good, I hope and know it. Wish her the best of luck, cause I am. Read my last two posts and you will know alot.

Lately, I seem to just feel so down. I really don't know why and it annoys me. I feel that I am not acknowledged enough like I should be and I feel pretty much worthless. Iunno really. I just have alot of issues, and even though talking to someone (1 person) about it helps a little, it still doesn't make a difference about how I feel. I think I have alot of issues and problems with people but can't tell them, cause honestly, would you want to be yelled at?or someone give you an attitude for telling the truth?I wouldn't, so some things are easily kept to myself. Hmm. I miss my Mom, I really do. But I am use to that feeling. Just wish me and her could get more time to hangout. I hope she really is trying to do better. Anyhow.So, here goes a 5th in a row of just feeling..."okay". Ignore thise part of my entry please.

Ima go guys. Thanks for reading. Love you. (:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May28th. O:

Hey guys! It hasn't been to long since I blogged, not to shabby if I do say so myself. I usually forget to blog >.>, but people do tend to forget things, so, haha. I'm pretty sure this entry won't be as long as the last one I wrote, that was a very long one, haha.

This is kinda old, took by my Mom when I went to Asheville.
Today.. I woke up around 2pm or 1pm I forgot. I didn't go to bed till around 5am, that is pretty late haha. I was watching Lost, a really great show. It isn't really new, but I juts started watching it with Sapphire on Netflix not to long ago o: I'm not really doing much now. I fixed Sarah some pound cake, mmm, that Little Granny had made and fixed her some more of her Sunny D, even put her a blue bendy straw in it :3.

How is she?..Sarah. She is welllll...not to bad I guess. On the 25th, when she had her surgery,  we went there (Me, Sapphire, James/Sapphire's boyfriend). I didn't really go straight to her, I kinda just stood near my Dad, because people were ya know surrounding her or well just around her. I did look at her, lol, but I don't like to really look at people in hospitals, especially if their hurt or don't feel good. She was in pain, obviously, but she about cried when she moved or did something and I couldn't look at her. Seeing someone that you love in pain, makes you want to cry, or it does to me. But all in all, it was good to see her that day. I kissed her on the cheek before I left :3. Well, she's home now, of course she kinda needs help to do things. I really don't know how to help someone, I try and of course I want too, it's not as easy as it would seem. Daddy does the most, because he loves her alot, we all do too but iunno, he's stronger? O: I know she will get better soon!
I was just hanging out with her for an hour or two not to long ago, we tried to watch a movie but it wasn't really interesting and well we talked some, and got to hangout. I love her very much <3.

I recently got in touch with two teachers, since I well, ya know. One I haven't talked to in the longest time, I had her in the 4th grade and she wast great. The other, was my Ladybugs person and a teacher of mine, she is really sweet and means alot to me. Anyhow, I just wanted to get in touch with people since I haven't in awhile. People mean alot to me so, yeah haha. Those two teachers are really special.

So, this weekend is Animazment, you lucky people that got to go I am jealous >.>. Hope it's great and hope everyone going has a great time!

Not much to say today/tonight. Hope everything is great!

Today is Nina's birthday, Happy Birthday Sissy!<3.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13th, almost 12am! ~LONGEST ENTRY YET!~

Hey guys. I know it's been almost a whole damn dang MONTH! Bummer bummer I know, you probably didn't really mind my boring rants and vents anyway, haha. You will probably be reading alot tonight, this morning, or even mid day so sit back and enjoy! Why? Because I feel like typing and if you have read my previous blog entries you would know I enjoy writing, typing, and what not. If you do not know and have not read my previous entries then maybe you should sometime when your bored, lonely, hyper, or some type of mood or non-mood. I shall carry on, thank you, haha.

What did I do today? I woke up and got ready to go watch/see Stallone and Sapphire graduate. They got their G.E.D's and well, getting that you also get a formal or well traditional graduation ceremony. Well, I finally got there! It wasn't as crowded as I had thought it would be, thank gawd >.>. But, I do tend to get attention..because of my damn darn hair, haha. Nina and Adam took me, and little Addison was there too. So I sat next to them, and most of my other family sat behind us. This seems to be taking forever to get to my point, xD. Point is, I watched them walk and get their diploma and it was pretty neat. First graduation I had ever been too, unless I was a baby..therefore I wouldn't remember haha. It was a pretty good experience and such. I enjoyed it.

I hope to succeed in getting my G.E.D as well, summer soon. The sooner the better right? My Dad said if I do it he would too, online courses though. I hope he's being 'foe real because that would be pretty wicked. I would finally not be considered a "drop out" anymore and at least having a G.E.D would be better than nothing, right? I still want to accomplish things in life, and become's just going to take alot, alot of hope, alot of courage, alot of effort, and alot of alots! I already know it's going to be hard, everyone tells me that and I'm just sitting there thinking "Duh, I'm not retarded, alot of things in life are pretty dang hard." The simplest things in life aren't even that simple, c'mon now. But yeah, becoming something is really important to me.

I went and spent the night with my Mom not to long ago. It wasn't that bad. She seemed good, sane, and not high. Asheville, North Carolina, is such a beautiful place to go too. You should visit. People roaming and singing in downtown and playing musical instruments. Not to mention the hairstyles people had, I saw a purple Mohawk o:  I enjoyed seeing her and staying with her that night, because I hadn't seen her in so long. I was worried though, before hand. I was scared something would go wrong while I was with her, that she would do something and screw shit crap up again, and just worried to be with her. But, I was good and came home alive, haha. I was happy overall. I still miss her knowing that she lives ways from me but she texts me almost everyday. Also, I went to one of her meetings and it was really..something, nothing I had ever been to before. AAA meeting? Or something like that for addicts. I watched this one dude, well man, and he went up to a stand and was talking about how he had been clean for more than twenty years now and was really happy. He even told his story, I'm not sure if the word that would describe that would be inspiring but it was something near that. I really had a good time with her. I hope that next time it will be just as great.

Now to talk about my other Mother, my step Mom. The one who has been there for me since I was really little, not including my Dad. I'm sure she might be reading this because she usually checks up on my blog haha. She is truly an amazing person and an amazing Mother. I haven't really told anyone, but my family members that aren't that close to her..but she has Breast Cancer. Yes, Breast Cancer. She and the rest of us have known for awhile. She's has to go to many doctor and therapist appointments. She is having surgery the 25th of May, and I know she's probably scared to death. Hell Heck who wouldn't scared? I hate to say this, seeing as she is probably reading this and already knows, but there is a chance she/whoever can die through this type of surgery..But that's like every surgery right? I am sure everything will go fine. I am positive everything will be and go fine! If you don't know what anyone is like after breast cancer surgery you should probably look it up, it isn't so good. Takes weeks to months to years maybe to be fully okay or healed through a surgery. I admit, it's going to rough after the 25th. Mainly because she is going to get tired of laying around and not being able to do anything, and that truly sucks ass butt! Am I right? I believe I am, thank you. But I will be here and there to try to help her and do and get what she needs >.<. Not going to be easy like I said, but she will get through this and be a strong amazing woman like she already is. Please wish the best of luck towards her, even pray for her if that's what you do. Anything nice like that would be amazing. Thank you. Also, before I end this. Before I logged onto my Blogger today someone else was signed on..and you know who made their self a blog? My step Mom! I know what your thinking..Damnnnn Dannnngggggg. I know right, haha. I will put a link up to it below and you can read what she has posted so far. Follow her on here and go on a journey that she herself has not even begun yet. (She doesn't blog much I think.) Thank you for reading this <3. I love you Sarah.

Step Moms Blog:
Follow her^

That is it for tonight guys! I really appreciate if you guys read all this. It means alot. I love you all <3.
Pictures below of what was discussed<3.

 Graduation photos:

Dad, Sapphire, Austin, Stallone, and Me.

Sapphire and Stallone.


 Some Asheville pictures:

Mountains o:
Alot of people downtown, look at her and her instrument! So cool :3.

I must say, this might be one of the best entries I have wrote yet.  (:

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18th.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing great, and swell, and so on! I'm good good (: I don't know what to write really, just wanted to Blog<3, you guys know how I am. So, I dyed my hair.
Yepp, blue..--->
Yepp yeppers! The most out there thing I have yet to do to my hair, pretty amazing I know I know! Haha(: I really like it, it's different and all. Just have to get past the stares, rude comments, and etc xD. People are just so judgemental these days, you guys probably know that already though.
So, my Mom want's me to visit her soon >.>. If you didn't know already, she is like two or three hours from me in some house/home that is suppose to help her and shiz. Anyhow, visit her. How could that go? Good or bad? Iunno really, that's the bad thing. Why go up there and see her act the same? I hope she's different, like really >.<. If she isn't, it will suck for me, Stallone, and Nina. It will suck for her too though, haha. Guess everyone has their own probelms, eh?

What to write about, HMMMM!
I think ima start some new blogs, but no worries I will keep on writing onto this one<3.

Hope everyone is doing great! Have a WICKED Easter! :D.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th,9:22pm

Hey guys! I thought I should write, but there isn't nothing really to say actually. What is new, this time? Well, a day or two after my last post I finally got to see little Addison, and she is adorable! I got to feed her but yeah she did cry XD. She will eventually like, so Nina says. Lets hope!
Oh, I cut my hair! Yes, me myself and I. I dunno why I did, but I did xD. I plan to go shorter soon or during the summer, and do crazy things to it. o;
Hmm. Birthday is soon! April 7th! Hopefully it will be fun but I have my doubts actually :/. Why do I have doubts? I just do. It'll probably be a regular day with things in it, who knows. I don't really want anything, well not that i can really think of. I want angel bites and my naval (use to have) pierced. That is about all I can think of.

Oh! While I have been away I finished another anime, Chobits, haha it was cute and good:3
If you watch it or have you might not like how they turned Chii on rofl xD.

These days, you will find me on Gaia, yes Gaia! It is so awesome, and I love it. Haha Check it out!

Well, Ima go I'll try to write soon!Love you guys<3.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13th. 7:22pm.

Hey everyone, I know it has been AWHILE, I just haven't felt like typing to be honest. I still wanna do twice a week but I guess Ima have to push myself to do so. What's new? Gawshh, I don't even know DX
I'm honestly out of words.. Um, OH YEAH! Nina had her baby:3. Addison, she is adorable:3. I still haven't seen her yet -__-, and I feel terrible for not doing so. She is truely to cute:3.
Hmmm..I did the school thing..ya know..UHM..Not to proud really, but everything will be okay! Won't it?
My thoughts about things are always twisted, like..ya know when you get two airheads and twist them together, and well BAM two different things put together not knowing what it will taste like, same thing as my thoughts really. Blah blah blah.
Saw Red Riding Hood Friday, it was alright could have been better. I liked the way the wolf looked though. Very awesome like:3.
Still outta words DX, gawsh. Hair isn't all pink anymore;P.
Tatiana got a bunny(picture below, sorry no makeup), DX. Lucky little sister. It will dead soon, haha, something bad always happens whenever she gets a pet or whatever. Poor poor future for such a tiny, cute creature!DX Hahahaha. Well, maybe she will treat the bunny good and she will live forever! :3 Makes me want a gray baby bunny,o.o..BUY MEH ONE! X3
My birthday is actually coming up, April the 7th :o. I dunno what I want and noone has asked me, except one person xD. I would like a little small puppy, like a Chihuahua or something, their adorable:3. But if I did get one I would wanna wait until we move or figure out if we're moving yet. Yes you heard me right, but haha, like ten minutes form where I live now, it'd be better I think:D. Cause I'm awesome like that. (:
Well, I will try to update soon(:
Happy holidays/birthdays/day!<3.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd. Almost 11am.

Konnichiwa everyone. I know I haven't been on in forever, well blogged in forever. I honestly just haven't felt like it, it's a first right? Haha. So I had to reread my last blog to see what I had wrote and stuff. So, how was ISS that day? Pretty damn darn boring, two dudes were annoying and two of my friends were alright but we couldn't really talk really. My desk had carvings in it, with like peoples names xD.So yeah, boring much. Ah, how was Physical Science? I don't really favor that class, the teacher is..o.o..well she's just kinda boring and the way she talks is kinda annoying haha. Last class of the day and I dislike it, but I did have service (cellphone) in the class.
                                             I dyed my hair pink(:
Hope your Valentine's Day was awesome and fun filled! Mine was pretty good, got alot of chocolate form Stephen and a teddy bear. I named him..Mr.Cuddles :3. But yeah, after school I went to my friend Ben's house and we watched some anime! Clannad!<--Pretty interesting anime right there buddy. His friend came over and well had an idea to give a rose to a girl at the mall, any girl. Ben went along with it as well. Haha, one weird idea for Valentine's Day huh? When the girls got their flowers, they were pretty HAPPY and shocked. Best two things that could have happened. At least noone threw a flower at their faces and ran off, that would have sucked..would have been kinda funny though. Hahaha. Ima skip the arguments that day with someone..:/ Uhm anyway. Later on. Came home, and got my Valentine's from my Dad and Sarah, he purposed to her that day <3. How sweet right? So cute. Then later on I went to bed, hooray sleep.
So the week later on? Wasn't the best of weeks, haha. I can't quite remember so I'm not really going to say. I really should blog at least twice a week, like I was doing. xD.
Oh oh! Almost done with the anime series (13 episodes) of Myself; Yourself. I like it, it's pretty good. I think I like all the anime I watch, xD. Elfen Lied was pretty awesome! Random I know, but I really enjoyed that anime.

Oh, serious issue..well debate I'm having..I don't like school, and I'm pretty much under stress and pressure anyway..But I think I want to quit, and get my G.E.D..I mean it sounds good, I can still go to college and it doesn't take as long. Is there any twists to that at all? I have no clue. I think, as long as I go to college and do what I want I'm fine. I hope I'm right.
Well, Ima go. I'll blog soon.(:
Also, as you can see in that photo up there, I dyed all my hair pink, but not all of it looks pink, you can still see red hair and what not, even though I bleached it..weird. I also got my braces off! Well, the top ones anyway. And And, Stallone (brother) got snakebites, they look great, picture below. Hope your week and weekend goes well!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tueday February 1st. In school,near afternoon.

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."-Georgia O'Keeffe

Hey everyone. Yes the title above is quite right, xD. I'm in school, actually in my Apex class. They don't have my information to begin my classes or anything, since I am new to apex. So, someone last semester took and finished 6 classes on Apex, and I was like dannnggg. I need to do at least three, but doing four would help out just as well haha. I have second lunch, which sucks. Most of my friends have first lunch and I am stuck with the second once, of course. Oh well, I will deal. Have too, haha.
My new classes started today, you know, the Geometry and Art, that's the only classes I have been too, besides Apex which is now. I have Geometry with a really nice teacher(not the first time I have had her).Which sucks because I have tall people sitting in front of me.-__-. Note taking should be fun eh? After that, I ran off too Art. She seems cool, but she shows that she will get on your for misbehavior. Art should be fun, haven't took an art class since the 6th grade and that wasn't to bad. One of my bestest friends, Raaven, is in my Geometry and Art class :D. I'm glad me and her finally get a class, just sucks that I don't have lunch with her, BUMMER. So I am in my 3rd period class now, Apex, and there isn't alot of people in here. Kinda quiet. Teacher is nice, and kinda funny. xD. Well, wish me luck on my last class of the day, Physical Science. :o. Oh,hmm my lunch wasn't so bad(:
I was called to the office during 2nd, and I suppose that went well. ISS tomorrow...Yay? I don't know if that is really a yay or not. I will probably just draw the whole time in there, sleeping on desks are not easy, for me anyway. Not everyone that I skipped with will be in there, thank gawd. I didn't want everyone to be in there really, just cause. Cause I dunno? xD. I apparently do not know alot do I? But then again, I DO! Don't judge me, o.o.
I dunno what to write,hmmm. I talked to one of my old bestfriends(Eli) today, he hasn't been going to this school so it may be a rough day on him, but probably not. He is a pretty swell person, yepp. (:
I know going to new schools aren't the easiest of things, sometimes hard, really just depends on that person. I went to a different school half a year then came back to the one I had original been going too. That is just a whole different story. So yeah, if anyone you know is new to your school, don't be so hard on them. Hehe.
Victoria said my blog was sometimes funny! O.O. That kinda made me happy :D.
I dunno if it is sometimes funny or not, but I would like for it to be interesting. I am a very weird and strange person so.
20 something minutes before next period, GAHH. I hope she is nice, she better be. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. O.O, I got type happy, hehe.
So I think I have written enough, blah blah. Hope everyones week is pretty awesome.
Bye for now.

Also, I did add a quote<3.

Friday, January 28, 2011

January 29th. 1:00am,Saturday.

Bonjour! How is everyone? Hopefully wonderful and happy happy. I'm alright alrighty, haha. So yeah what happened this week? WHOAA, well in some ways alot but then when you look at it nothing really happened. So anyhow, Monday through Thursday was suppose to be for exams, I took History Monday, Algebra Tuesday, Science Wednesday, Thursday was a 2 hour delay so we couldn't take our exam and moved it to Friday which was suppose to be for makeup exam day, so Interior Design Friday. So the only one out of all of those that I am sure that I passed was Algebra, because he said he would called if we failed it, and well he didn't call which made me happy! I started that exam at 8:15am and ended at 11:03am, long time right? Yeah weird, never have I took so long on a test. Luckily, we don't have school Monday, cause that is now the new makeup exam test day, which honestly I don't know if I would have to retake any of those if I had failed it, which again I do not know if I did. If I did, oh well. They probably should have called me, haha. On Friday, I was suppose to be at the Dentist at 10am and well in order for me to do that I had to ask my principal and well you can't leave during exams, but he told me to ask my Interior Design teacher, of course she said I could leave right after I finished. Yeah, coolest teacher ever haha. So yeah, I walked out and waited for Sarah and Sapphire too get me. Long story short, I couldn't see my Dentist due to retarded schedule making!DX. How wack, so now my Orthodontist will probably bitch wine about how I should have had my cleaned teeth by them, and possibly should have got my tooth pulled. GREEEAAATTT, the joy of people being mean when clearly it was not my fault. Oh well, haha. I get my top braces off in like ten days, well that's a good thing, and then I have to go get a retainer, woot! Dunno if I should be happy about that or not, but I've had braces for like almost 2 years,xD. Nice exam week right? Sure.
Oh! I forgot, I got in trouble Thursday, for skipping. O.O. Yeah, Ima bad kid! DX. I knew it wasn't the smart thing to do but yet me being retarded and hyper made me not think, but your probably thinking "That's no excuse..", and you my friend are correct. I wasn't unconscious, I was clearly aware of everything just didn't think we would get caught. So yeah, um. Someone supposedly saw me and the others walk to the abandon building and well I suppose they called. So, the school cops came and well found us, and basically made us all wait for our parents to come and get us, since they called them. Skipping wasn't exactly the terrible thing in the situation, the thing that wasn't smart was that no one thought that we could get charged for trespassing. Which we did legally trespass, we all chilled in an abandoned building. Stupid. So, that is pending at this moment. If we have to pay, it's going to suck. Because that means I won't be able to go to Animazment, and won't be able to get some things. Anyhow, I was last to leave. Me and one of the cops had a long talk. Very strange actually, he told me things I never knew about him and I'm pretty sure not alot of people do either. I'm not exactly going to say what he said due to some people reading this, if that is even possible -_-. But, I don't think I will skip again, form school that is. Maybe play sick, or just stay home. I don't need police trouble. Neither does anyone else. Bad thing for me, I will get ISS for a day, so will the others unless they skipped earlier in the year and if that is so they will get suspended, and I will probably get suspended from Ladybug's for a couple of weeks :/. Ugh, I liked that club. Now, I can only look forward to ACG every other Wednesday, better than nothing I suppose. My guidance counselor is going to be so disappointed, haha, but she likes me so maybe I'm good. Best of luck to the others!
Friday night (last night), I went to some fighting thing, called Tough Men or something. It was pretty good and funny, but the people there were so dumb and ignorant. People making fun of guys in the ring, but yet I didn't see them in the ring fighting. Dumbass Dumb crappy people. I was shouting for someone to win, and saying whoaa and hit him, but I wouldn't bash any of them. I know I don't have the guts to get in a ring not knowing what could happen. People are crazed, and enjoy others feeling pain, or that is how it looks. But hey, if you enjoy boxing, go for it. I ain't against it. Woot.
Ahhh.I finished watching the anime series Elfen Lied. It was really great. But pissed me off in the end. Why would Lucy die? How? I do not know. It didn't exactly show her being killed but it showed gun fire and her horn in the hair and a piece off of it. When I saw that I was like O.O. But then before this last episode ended, in the end, someone rings the doorbell and Kouta was about to go to the door but heard the clock start working and it ended. DX. Which by the way, Lucy tried to fix the clock, obviously she did it. But still, nooooo. So sad. I wanted her and Kouta to be together. A great anime series, that is but 13 episodes long, not including the 10.5 episode.XD.
This is alot, and I know that pretty much no one reads my blog but this is just something to do. So I will keep blogging with random updates and weird conversations. xD

Well, Ima go and write more in a couple of days, have a great weekend everyone and a great (next) week (:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2:00am January 23.

Ello you! Hope everyone is doing swell, great, good, wonderful, etc etc. I'm alright, haha. I just noticed I write the date on my blog entries and don't see why, but I like too! So ima keep doing it, xD.
So yeah, what happened this week? Um, well went to school needless to say. It was an okay week, normal school work in some boring classes, not all oft hem are, just depends on the teacher you have haha. I guess I am ready for the exams, mainly ready for these classes to be over. But next semester will be kinda worse;maybe, with the apex class. In apex I'll have to take like 3 classes, wish me luck guys.  Oh, I did get two letters this week though. One from my  Mom and the other from my friend Felecia. Felecia lives in Thomasville and I haven't seen her since the fourth grade, I do miss her and hopefully will get to see her soon. Me and her were really close friends, had sleepovers and such hahaha. Also, Stallone came over and stayed a night and that was pretty fun. He can be crazy haha, what are brothers for right? As that old saying goes, xD. Oh oh, also, I thought I broke my pinky toe one day cause I slammed it up against ny couch by an accident and it hurt like a bitch bish and the skin around it was like blue o.o, but it is oddly fine now, so yay! Oh, I kinda skipped some class too, but not technically but then again technically, xD, I was called down to my guidance person and was there for a minute then left, and well kinda saw my friends at lunch and talked for ten minutes then went to class, o.o. My 3rd period teacher loves me anyway, you know the "coolest teacher ever" haha.
Oh oh oh! Lmao. I also decided ima cosplay Lal Mirch from Hitman Reborn, she seems pretty cool and two of my friends are doing characters from the same show so we'll have like a little group, which will hopefully be fun and cool. I think that's about it for the week though.
My weekend so far? Boring and usual. Home and lazy. Right says everything haha. But I can stay up late which is pretty fun I suppose? But I text my boyfriend everyday so it's cool. Yeah, I have a boyfriend but don't really talk about him much, just because haha anyonje can read this but he is a really sweet person. If you have a boyfriend and girlfriend or antyhing else, I hope yall are doing great! (: I think too many complain about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend and then when they finally get one they start to complain again or end the relationship within a week, which too me is dumb. Know what I mean? Woot if you know and agree.
This week is exams, since they were moved due to snow and guess what? It's suppose to snow again sometime this week, forgot what day or days. I still gotta sttudy for those exams! I hope I'll do good, haha. Goes for you too, do good! :D
Also, ima post some doodles with this, yes doodles. Little pictures I draw when I'm bored. So yeah, don't hate cause they suck. My Dad is gonna buy me another sketch book,o.o. Tehee!
Can't wait for summer, NO SCHOOL. That is freedom baby! Hahaha (:
Ima go. Night everyone<3

Doodles :


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6am loves,January 18th.

Salute! Konnichiwa loves, why yes I am very aware of the time and I'm awake! I was laying down and was like what the heck ima type a little thing on blogger.I don't see why though, haha, I'm almost pretty sure no one reads this but I really don't care this is just something to do, and I quite enjoy it. I mean I thought I should have did a V-Blog but I don't really think I have much time for videos and when I do make them(videos) it's retarded cause I look like an idiot fool and never know what to do or say;which is very common in real life situations. Like, I never really know what to write in this but yet my  fingers are typing away words that just pop up in my head, I say them aloud in my mind, weird eh?
Oh well, I am very weird and I enjoy it, if you don't oh well, haha.
So anyhow, I have no school today because of black ice haha. We didn't even go yesterday and now we don't go today, kinda a good thing because I didn't go to bed till like 4am. Taylor wanted me to call her so I did, I think me and her talked for at least an hour.She fell asleep on the phone with me haha, kinda cute. I told her two stories and after the second one I could hear her breathing over the phone, and then I said her name and well she didn't respond, haha, go figure.So yeah, shortly afterwards I went to sleep, then woke up around 5:30am and Austin told me we had no school, and well I checked my phone and my teacher even texted me and told me, haha. She texts me when we don't because she is like the coolest teacher ever. So yeah, I even layed down and well couldn't sleep so no sleepy eyes led myself to the computer. so here I am baby. (:
I just realized I kinda wrote alot, WOOT! I like writing sometimes, or well alot of times not just some. Am I babbling? Oh well! I wanna sign up for journalism next year cause that would be kinda fun! Dunno what the heck I would write about, haha. But I never do, so. So yeah, hopefully I get double promoted this year cause if I don't I will be majorly pissed p'od, I mean c'mon, my guidance person tells me this shiz then says other things but I did get it straight with her so it is possible for me to get double promoted, I just have to work my butt off. Uhmm, 10 classes in one year, not even half way accomplished yet but I am working my way there. I'm really not even trying which in my best interest is not something I should fool around with. I'll have to start trying more, and work harder. The only real thing that even pushes me to do anything is well my future. I want a good future, one I will enjoy and live like and how I want. Not everyone gets the joy of even enjoying their future and I don't want to be apart of that, I want to enjoy it. I want to do something and become something and even mean something to someone or someones. I don't wanna be caught up in some web like most my family, guess that's why I'm so different. Most kids/teenagers now-a-days would love to grow up and be like their parents, but not me.(not harsh). Who would want to grow up wanting to go to prison? Not me. I don't want to be like my Mom, I love her, but she has made to many mistakes for me to even want to look down the same road she has took. Maybe she'll change, time will show I suppose, which by the way she gets out of prison in March or February, not really sure.(notice I didn't mention my Dad) Anyhow, back to what I was saying. I don't want the same life as which my parents have lived, it's not for me and probably won't ever be. So yeah, to achieve what seems to be impossible and yet so far away! Hope I can make something of myself.
So I know I wrote alot, but I'm sure not everyone/anyone has really read the whole thing and in which in ways could be a good thing, haha.
I'm still not tired, grrr. I'm listening to Mayday Parade, they are pretty amazing. I love any music, hehe. Oh, recently I have been listening to alot of Japanese music and it's pretty cool, even if I can't understand them, haha. I think you can understand some songs without really knowing the words or not. Mostly by the rhythm of the music and they way the words of sung. Just my thought.

That's alot so with that I will go and play on some sites or maybe try and sleep. Night.
Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January13th,1am:o. (Started this January 12th,haha)

Hey hey hey veiwers or non-veiwers of the world or state. How is life? I hope your life is going swell and wonderful, like always. Mine? Pretty decent,the usual weird and stuff,haha. It's a Thursday and I have yet to go to school. Well,you may be thinking why (if you don't know me) and thats because of this snow! GRRRR. Snow is pretty don't get me wrong but it's not that bad were we have to miss four days of school (canceled today). Hopefully we won't go Friday then,why bother?Haha. Our first exam was suppose to be Friday and well I was actually going to study, can't do that without my papers that or in my school.xD. So they better push back those exams or they'll have some angry student,MWAHAHAHAAHAH. Anyhow,I suppose I am ready for next semester. My classes are : Geometry, Art, Apex, and then Physical Science.
Anyhow. Today is a very important day.
Do you know why?DO YOUU?!!
I suppose I have to tell you since you do not know. It's my bestfriends birthday! His name is Jonathan! Me and him have been bestfriends since well the 6th grade, truth is..(haha) thats a long beeping time.Of course, like all close bestfriends we have had our ups and downs, plenty of times I assure you. But, being close has that effect I suppose. We aren't as close as we were due to some things that have/had happened. At least me and him are friends though, through all the arguements and disagreements he is still one of my bestfriends even though he does not know it. It's a sad thing, but what can you do? Wait it out, is something I would try.
But as I was saying, it's his brithday. He just turned 16, and I think from the looks of it he is pretty excited.
I am texting his retarded little butt now, and if you (Jonathan)  are reading this then you know why I am calling you retarded,xD. But yeah,he is an awesome friend(: I love you Jonathan.

Enough of that now.I decided I shall really;officailly write at least once a week(:
Yes yes I see you smiling through your screen, Oh I saw that too, Put that down BAKA! (baka: Japanese word for fool or stupid.)

I love you guys.
Will write more soon.
Catch ya later(;
Oh,by the way.....