Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First week of my 2nd semester, what what!?!

Hey everyone! Before I start to talk about college and all that jazz, I will say what I did with the rest of my summer. I basically moved in with my sister, Nina, which has been really great. She is really appreciated of everything I do and enjoys me staying while I can, xD. I am moving back "home" eventually, that's just another long story so bleh. I did visit my Mom for two weeks! I only got to stay with her for 2 weeks because of when college started, which started before elementary school, middle school, and high school so. I had a really good time visiting my Mom and her boyfriend Lawrence, they both were really nice of course haha. We went to downtown and watched he drum circle, walked around downtown, went thrifting, went to the mall, and all kinds of bonding and fun stuff haha. I'm just really glad I had a good and safe trip there and back. Me and my Mom got along well, always a plus! But, the two weeks went by so fast, and I was sad to go. Overall it was all good and the end of my summer was awesome!
Me and my best friend, Raaven!

Now college time! Only been going to college 3 days and I'm ALREADY tired haha. I started Monday, woot woot. So my classes are pretty simple; Drawing 1, Yoga, English, and a few Math classes. So far, good xD. I didn't really want the drawing class seeing as how I don't really draw, but if you participate and turn your work in on time a good grade will appear I assume! I have Drawing 1 two times a week for almost 3 hours each class time. Yoga! I think I might like yoga, but after doing it, the next day my body was sore! I have Yoga once a week for almost three hours. So if I get good at yoga, I will probably keep doing it ^-^!
English and Math don't really need to be discussed in my opinion haha, both teachers seem nice so far xD. But I think math is going to get boring
really fast.Oh well! If you are in college currently, or in high school, or whatever, comment below with your schedule!
Oh yeah! My bestfriend and I get to hangout during our free hours on Mondays and Wednesdays, so awesome! She's super awesome and I loves her!

Nina had.. gallbladder surgery last Friday, sad to say. Even though she wasn't feeling to good the first two days, now she seems to be doing alot better, which I'm thankful!

Gawsh this update is so small compared to my others DX. But before I go.. I might join the Art Club and may even try to write in the colle
ge's paper! Wish me luck if I decide to do both. Have a great day guys!

Much love ~

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