Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 5th. 2:00am

Konnichiwa guys. How's it going? Hopefully pretty dang good seeing as this is the last week of school for you all, and I hope everyone did GREAT on their exams. (:

I really don't do anything anymore, not like I can haha. I sit around like I always have but it really gets old. I help Sarah and stay and keep her company because I love her and that's what I should do. Help her in anyway needed. Sapphire hasn't really been around much, and iunno if that worries me but I kinda don't feel that it's right, but what do I know? And Austin, well, he's a guy, well boy, and probably doesn't understand as much as he probably thinks but he should be nicer, verbally anyway, since he likes to say things. I feel that everyone should be helping out and being nice, but it doesn't seem to be going that way or to me it doesn't seem that way.

Someone made me this, suppose to be Stephen and I.
As long as Sarah is getting and feeling better I am happy. She has to have chemo though. We don't know when but she does, for about 5-6 months probably. I don't think it will be too bad but you really never know, it can have different effects upon everyone. She already said she would rather her hair fall out then puke alot. Heck, I'm with her on that. I dislike throwing up, alot. All we go good, I hope and know it. Wish her the best of luck, cause I am. Read my last two posts and you will know alot.

Lately, I seem to just feel so down. I really don't know why and it annoys me. I feel that I am not acknowledged enough like I should be and I feel pretty much worthless. Iunno really. I just have alot of issues, and even though talking to someone (1 person) about it helps a little, it still doesn't make a difference about how I feel. I think I have alot of issues and problems with people but can't tell them, cause honestly, would you want to be yelled at?or someone give you an attitude for telling the truth?I wouldn't, so some things are easily kept to myself. Hmm. I miss my Mom, I really do. But I am use to that feeling. Just wish me and her could get more time to hangout. I hope she really is trying to do better. Anyhow.So, here goes a 5th in a row of just feeling..."okay". Ignore thise part of my entry please.

Ima go guys. Thanks for reading. Love you. (:

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  1. hey I wonder who do that. I WANT TOO! Tell me, who would draw it for you?