Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 20th.

GAH, hey you! YEAH YOU. I have missed typing, suprising? Nah. I have been wanting to post a new entry just didn't know what to say really, heh. Almost a month since I have wrote, and it sucks D: I still want to blog weekly but we will see how that goes, won't we?(: I shall update you..starting...NOW.

My Dad and Granny!

July 10th! My Dad's birthday! We didn't really do anything. We ate some honeybun cake, and let me tell you..MMMMM, it was so damn dang good! We played his video games, well not really together haha. Not much of a day really, but I thought it was good. He turned 41, SHH ;D.

July 15th! My Granny's birthday. I didn't really see her, but I did go to work with my Dad that morning to give her a card and ..CORN. I picked the corn just for her! She liked it, hahaha.

Past couple of weeks?! Haven't seen my Mom :/. I have spent time with my sister, Nina, and her baby, Addison. That was fun. I don't always see her alot, but I should. She is just amazing, and so is little Addison.


I love her alot :D, and Addison. We ate, watched movies, chilled, gossiped, alot of shiz, haha.
Stayed at my cousins, Angel, Brooklynn, and Jacob and had fun with them and even stayed with Memaw some.

How's Sarah? I guess she is okay, heh. I haven't been home much really >.<. But! I did go with her today while she got a shot, she has to get this certain shot after chemo, so I went with her. I would love to go to every visit but sometimes I can'tand that sucks D: She doesn't need to go alone! I really hate to leave home alot because I don't think anyone else would come watch movies with her and not annoy her lol. I love her alot, and do miss her when I leave!

Anyhow! I read my step sisters blog awhile back and feel like I should reply to it on mine, I will try to be nice ;D.

"She never asks to see me, or WANTS me to be there, but I guess it's okay, because none of them do. Everyone acts like Adrianna, my step-sister, is the golden child and is so perfect because she helps out. It's not like she has anything else to do honestly, and she has no where to go. She does nothing but stays up all night and sleeps all day, and I would still be doing that too if I didn't have school and work now. She needs to do something with herself since she dropped out of school. She could get a job, or at least her GED, but she has made no attempt at doing either. But whatever, she's perfect right? "

Well, Sarah shouldn't have to ask you/her daughter to come around or be there, when you audomatitly should, stop by when you want! I'm sure Sarah would love to see you anytime. Hahaahaha, noone acts like im "the golden child" or "perfect", my bad for being nice. I have nothing to do, sorry that I don't? Nowhere to go, yeah because my family tends to suck at times, not my fault. I don't stay up all night and sleep all day, I couldn't, Dad always wakes me up,a nd even if I stay up all night I wake up before or at 1pm and that isn't bad, which I don't see why what time I go to bed and wake up even matters. Ahh, I have made attempt to get my g.e.d, ask Dad, I've been trying to get him to take me up there, since he wants to get it with me, so yeah. Can't get a job without a g.e.d so that answers that. Haha, "perfect"? Sure sure. Not everything is about you Sapphire, I love you but sometimes iunno.
That's my reply!Enjoy~

I love you guys who actually read my blog!Tune in more, and check out my Youtube please<3.