Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18th.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing great, and swell, and so on! I'm good good (: I don't know what to write really, just wanted to Blog<3, you guys know how I am. So, I dyed my hair.
Yepp, blue..--->
Yepp yeppers! The most out there thing I have yet to do to my hair, pretty amazing I know I know! Haha(: I really like it, it's different and all. Just have to get past the stares, rude comments, and etc xD. People are just so judgemental these days, you guys probably know that already though.
So, my Mom want's me to visit her soon >.>. If you didn't know already, she is like two or three hours from me in some house/home that is suppose to help her and shiz. Anyhow, visit her. How could that go? Good or bad? Iunno really, that's the bad thing. Why go up there and see her act the same? I hope she's different, like really >.<. If she isn't, it will suck for me, Stallone, and Nina. It will suck for her too though, haha. Guess everyone has their own probelms, eh?

What to write about, HMMMM!
I think ima start some new blogs, but no worries I will keep on writing onto this one<3.

Hope everyone is doing great! Have a WICKED Easter! :D.


  1. wishh i could die my hair. the parents would kill me :/