Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday,September 29.

Hey guys! It's been awhile hasn't it? Well, yesterday was my oldest brothers birthday,Stallone. He is now 18! Which is kinda awesome,even though he'll probably always act like a little kid..playing video games and what not. I've dyed all of his hair blue once! It looked pretty epic,then awhile ago but he cut his hair,what a shame. He plans to get a mohwak soon ahha. So yeah. And with me nothing has happened really. Not that I can recall as much. I went to a fair last weekend and met someone ive never met in person and I was like DDUUUDEEE. That was a pretty awesome weekend. I;m currently in ACG(: and listening to music;Asking Alexandria. Its a great band!
Wowie,I'm ina play but not technically,all I do is walk up there then walk off,haha. How much easier could that possible get? xD Wish me luck.
I'll blog more soon(:
I love bloggingg<3
Have a great week and weekend<3

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday!The 15th of September loves.

Hey everyone! How are yall? I'm freaking great! I had an amazing day and I played the new Halo Reach lastnight which was amazing! If you dont like Halo,tell me why? I wont get too mad..xD. So,at this very moment im still at my club,ACG. It stands for Anime Comics Gamer club,yesh it is an awesome club and I love it. Of course people draw better than me in here and play better better than me;like game wise and shiz. Me and my friend Mallory just looked at some very cute pokemon,YAY<3
Zorua is a very cute pokemon,yeppie. ALot of pokemon are so cute,haha.
Oh dudes,I dunno if I told yall but I got a letter from my Mom like two days ago or so,the mail isnt such a bummer anymore..well until I have to wait a week or two for a new letter.
TWO MORE DAYS LEFT TILL FRIDAY!! Yay,then it'll be the weekend.(: And then Monday will come,DX,therefore we still have a lonnnggg way till school ends. I'm just glad im actually doing things this year,clubs and shiz. Only Theatre/Drama and ACG,better than nothing. Well,ima go and chill and hang
Have a great end of the week.

Also,heres a good anime show..I think anyway(:

Peace Maker Kurogane!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September the 12.

Hey you guys. I hope everyones weekend was great and awesome! Mine was good. I watched Sapphire get a cute tattoo,three small butterflys..very cute. I wish I was 18,xD. I need a tattoo,haha! If you want a tattoo comment this with your idea of what you would want in the future. I'm not exactly sure what I would get but of course it'd be very unique<3 Hmmm. So many days till school ends,DXX. Nooo! Blah,I really dunno what to say. CANDY! Candy equals yummyness<3. My mind is so blank. I'll blog soon when my mind is whomped with amazing things.
Thanks everyone<3

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10,Friday!

Woot woot! Hey people,its mother effin Friday! Aren't you glad? I sure is! School is tiring,most of the time. At least,i have friends(: I dyed my hair purple lastnight,because today was picture day so I didnt want faded blue hair. So yay for purple,even though my school picture probably looked bad. They usually do,to me anyway haha,some people get lucky with cute ones;3. OhhhhEmmGee you guys,guess what?! I finally got a letter from my Mom,I was excited till I opened it and well it was barely anything:/ Better than nothing I guess. So yeahhh,I do wanna VBLOG:O. Just havent yet,you guys will know when I do though:oo.
Teehee. I helped out one of my friends lastnight,he was sad:/ He had alot of problems and trusted to tell me,and of course I gave my best advice(: I love helping people,and giving advice(:
Have a great weekend everyone,sorry I didnt write much.

Today at lunch:


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eighth of Spetember!

Ello chaps! I hope everyone had a great weekend and day. My weekend was alright watched a whole season of the secret life,if you dont know what that is then oh well? Haha.I read a whole book in two hours! I was very surprised of myself,believe me. It was an Alt Life book,ill edit this later with the title and author. So how was everyones first day day back at school from a long weekend? Mine was alright,tiring blah blah blah. Today was quite the same as yesterday,just better in some ways. So,my good'ol friend Chace told me today that he was going to start to V-Blog,for anyone who doesn't know what that means to VIDEO blog,how special he will be with hes super awesome V-BLOG,sounds awesome doesn't it?xD. I might actually start doing that also,and keep blogging,I just might add the videos to this with my blog! Teehee;D
Chace if your reading this,YOUR SUPER DUPER AWESOME x's A MILLION,teeheee;3
And hopefully,I spelled your name right. THUMBS UP IF I DID.
So,I did try to post a blog yesterday but it wouldn't post,DX. I only found that out today,and I was like NOOOOO. Gr,but I did inform you guys so calm down(;
Woot Woot for my updates!
Keep tuned in<3
Have a great night!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fifth of September my Friends.

Ello there once again. I hope everyone is doing great and is in a lovely mood! As for me,im quite alright,nothing to be to excited about..Gotta go back to school Tuesday,xD. NOOOO,save mehh?With your super hero powers that will defeat the dark side? Or if you can't,thats perfectly fine. I'll still probably love's possible..Mhm!
So,I told Sapphire to Blog! So shes found other sites to blog on. Honestly,does it matter where you blog cause if it does I'd like to know this! I figured if this is not the best site to blog on,i'll just create other blogs on different sites with the same stuff this says in it. That could always work,dont'cha think?
Oh,I was also wondering,what do people blog about? I mean if im blogging or whatever wrong I would like to know so I could achieve the BLOG power! MWAHAHAH! o.o,sorry,haha.
So,something that upseted me today?! Well,besides the fact that it's Sunday and mail doesn't run on Sundays! Which why is that anyway?! It crushes the hopes and dreams of people who write!
Anyhow,the reason why this sucked for me is because I've wrote my Mom a bunch of letters in the past two weeks,and I haven't heard from her! DX. It's a down right bummer. Oh,I'm sure you may have a questioned look upon your face about why I write my Mother? It's because shes in prison,yes prison. It's sad isnt it? I'm just glad I'm actually taking my time to write her..Shes been in and out of jail/prison since I was a kid. So,my Dad was the one who mostly took care of me. Then he met his "love",to till this day they still haven't married. it's been 9 years in all?Maybe 10 years. Sapphire would know. So yeah,Him and Sarah(the lover),were the ones who took care of me and my older brother Stallone. He'll be 18 at the end of September. So,later on Sarah had a baby,Tatiana;who is now 5 years old and just started kindergarten(sp?). She has gotten into trouble every day,I wonder who she gets it from..Hmm. But yeah,Sarah has also Sapphire;18years old,and Austin who is 15years old. Their my family,and I would be nowhere without them till this day.
I didn't mention my half sister,Nina shes 19 or 18 years old,I forget this things cause of the amount of siblings I have.Haha. Shes a CNA or CNA assistant which is pretty cool. She is also about to have a little baby! I know AWWWHHH rightt? I'ma be an awesome unique aunt,or so I think.(:
Whooo,I've wrote alot. I'm never gonna get veiws cause I talk/type to much. DX
Anyhow,have a great week you guys.
I'll blog soon(:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today,the Fourth of September,

Hello there people of the internet. My name is Adrianna,but calling my Adree is alright. My name is totally different from Adrian,I've never liked that name since it's so close to mine;weird right?
Anyway,today I was like "I SHOULD BLOG",knowing that and knowing that I didnt have a blog thing to blog on,I searched blogging onto Google. Google has sent me here on a mission to define myself,maybe?
Me wanting to blog started with Hunter having some blog site of his own,very fancy if I do say so myself;i'll leave a link so you can look at his site. He's one of my best guy friends.HUGS ARE FOREVER. Haha,I'm to weird. At this current moment I am listening to He Is We,it's a great band,so I think anwayy.
Well,I have to go for now;I did want to write more but I has to leave with Sapphire.My step sister.
I'll write about her later or whatever.

Oh, Hunter drew me (in ACG) :