Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January13th,1am:o. (Started this January 12th,haha)

Hey hey hey veiwers or non-veiwers of the world or state. How is life? I hope your life is going swell and wonderful, like always. Mine? Pretty decent,the usual weird and stuff,haha. It's a Thursday and I have yet to go to school. Well,you may be thinking why (if you don't know me) and thats because of this snow! GRRRR. Snow is pretty don't get me wrong but it's not that bad were we have to miss four days of school (canceled today). Hopefully we won't go Friday then,why bother?Haha. Our first exam was suppose to be Friday and well I was actually going to study, can't do that without my papers that or in my school.xD. So they better push back those exams or they'll have some angry student,MWAHAHAHAAHAH. Anyhow,I suppose I am ready for next semester. My classes are : Geometry, Art, Apex, and then Physical Science.
Anyhow. Today is a very important day.
Do you know why?DO YOUU?!!
I suppose I have to tell you since you do not know. It's my bestfriends birthday! His name is Jonathan! Me and him have been bestfriends since well the 6th grade, truth is..(haha) thats a long beeping time.Of course, like all close bestfriends we have had our ups and downs, plenty of times I assure you. But, being close has that effect I suppose. We aren't as close as we were due to some things that have/had happened. At least me and him are friends though, through all the arguements and disagreements he is still one of my bestfriends even though he does not know it. It's a sad thing, but what can you do? Wait it out, is something I would try.
But as I was saying, it's his brithday. He just turned 16, and I think from the looks of it he is pretty excited.
I am texting his retarded little butt now, and if you (Jonathan)  are reading this then you know why I am calling you retarded,xD. But yeah,he is an awesome friend(: I love you Jonathan.

Enough of that now.I decided I shall really;officailly write at least once a week(:
Yes yes I see you smiling through your screen, Oh I saw that too, Put that down BAKA! (baka: Japanese word for fool or stupid.)

I love you guys.
Will write more soon.
Catch ya later(;
Oh,by the way.....


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