Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th,9:22pm

Hey guys! I thought I should write, but there isn't nothing really to say actually. What is new, this time? Well, a day or two after my last post I finally got to see little Addison, and she is adorable! I got to feed her but yeah she did cry XD. She will eventually like, so Nina says. Lets hope!
Oh, I cut my hair! Yes, me myself and I. I dunno why I did, but I did xD. I plan to go shorter soon or during the summer, and do crazy things to it. o;
Hmm. Birthday is soon! April 7th! Hopefully it will be fun but I have my doubts actually :/. Why do I have doubts? I just do. It'll probably be a regular day with things in it, who knows. I don't really want anything, well not that i can really think of. I want angel bites and my naval (use to have) pierced. That is about all I can think of.

Oh! While I have been away I finished another anime, Chobits, haha it was cute and good:3
If you watch it or have you might not like how they turned Chii on rofl xD.

These days, you will find me on Gaia, yes Gaia! It is so awesome, and I love it. Haha Check it out!

Well, Ima go I'll try to write soon!Love you guys<3.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13th. 7:22pm.

Hey everyone, I know it has been AWHILE, I just haven't felt like typing to be honest. I still wanna do twice a week but I guess Ima have to push myself to do so. What's new? Gawshh, I don't even know DX
I'm honestly out of words.. Um, OH YEAH! Nina had her baby:3. Addison, she is adorable:3. I still haven't seen her yet -__-, and I feel terrible for not doing so. She is truely to cute:3.
Hmmm..I did the school thing..ya know..UHM..Not to proud really, but everything will be okay! Won't it?
My thoughts about things are always twisted, like..ya know when you get two airheads and twist them together, and well BAM two different things put together not knowing what it will taste like, same thing as my thoughts really. Blah blah blah.
Saw Red Riding Hood Friday, it was alright could have been better. I liked the way the wolf looked though. Very awesome like:3.
Still outta words DX, gawsh. Hair isn't all pink anymore;P.
Tatiana got a bunny(picture below, sorry no makeup), DX. Lucky little sister. It will dead soon, haha, something bad always happens whenever she gets a pet or whatever. Poor poor future for such a tiny, cute creature!DX Hahahaha. Well, maybe she will treat the bunny good and she will live forever! :3 Makes me want a gray baby bunny,o.o..BUY MEH ONE! X3
My birthday is actually coming up, April the 7th :o. I dunno what I want and noone has asked me, except one person xD. I would like a little small puppy, like a Chihuahua or something, their adorable:3. But if I did get one I would wanna wait until we move or figure out if we're moving yet. Yes you heard me right, but haha, like ten minutes form where I live now, it'd be better I think:D. Cause I'm awesome like that. (:
Well, I will try to update soon(:
Happy holidays/birthdays/day!<3.