Saturday, May 28, 2011

May28th. O:

Hey guys! It hasn't been to long since I blogged, not to shabby if I do say so myself. I usually forget to blog >.>, but people do tend to forget things, so, haha. I'm pretty sure this entry won't be as long as the last one I wrote, that was a very long one, haha.

This is kinda old, took by my Mom when I went to Asheville.
Today.. I woke up around 2pm or 1pm I forgot. I didn't go to bed till around 5am, that is pretty late haha. I was watching Lost, a really great show. It isn't really new, but I juts started watching it with Sapphire on Netflix not to long ago o: I'm not really doing much now. I fixed Sarah some pound cake, mmm, that Little Granny had made and fixed her some more of her Sunny D, even put her a blue bendy straw in it :3.

How is she?..Sarah. She is welllll...not to bad I guess. On the 25th, when she had her surgery,  we went there (Me, Sapphire, James/Sapphire's boyfriend). I didn't really go straight to her, I kinda just stood near my Dad, because people were ya know surrounding her or well just around her. I did look at her, lol, but I don't like to really look at people in hospitals, especially if their hurt or don't feel good. She was in pain, obviously, but she about cried when she moved or did something and I couldn't look at her. Seeing someone that you love in pain, makes you want to cry, or it does to me. But all in all, it was good to see her that day. I kissed her on the cheek before I left :3. Well, she's home now, of course she kinda needs help to do things. I really don't know how to help someone, I try and of course I want too, it's not as easy as it would seem. Daddy does the most, because he loves her alot, we all do too but iunno, he's stronger? O: I know she will get better soon!
I was just hanging out with her for an hour or two not to long ago, we tried to watch a movie but it wasn't really interesting and well we talked some, and got to hangout. I love her very much <3.

I recently got in touch with two teachers, since I well, ya know. One I haven't talked to in the longest time, I had her in the 4th grade and she wast great. The other, was my Ladybugs person and a teacher of mine, she is really sweet and means alot to me. Anyhow, I just wanted to get in touch with people since I haven't in awhile. People mean alot to me so, yeah haha. Those two teachers are really special.

So, this weekend is Animazment, you lucky people that got to go I am jealous >.>. Hope it's great and hope everyone going has a great time!

Not much to say today/tonight. Hope everything is great!

Today is Nina's birthday, Happy Birthday Sissy!<3.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13th, almost 12am! ~LONGEST ENTRY YET!~

Hey guys. I know it's been almost a whole damn dang MONTH! Bummer bummer I know, you probably didn't really mind my boring rants and vents anyway, haha. You will probably be reading alot tonight, this morning, or even mid day so sit back and enjoy! Why? Because I feel like typing and if you have read my previous blog entries you would know I enjoy writing, typing, and what not. If you do not know and have not read my previous entries then maybe you should sometime when your bored, lonely, hyper, or some type of mood or non-mood. I shall carry on, thank you, haha.

What did I do today? I woke up and got ready to go watch/see Stallone and Sapphire graduate. They got their G.E.D's and well, getting that you also get a formal or well traditional graduation ceremony. Well, I finally got there! It wasn't as crowded as I had thought it would be, thank gawd >.>. But, I do tend to get attention..because of my damn darn hair, haha. Nina and Adam took me, and little Addison was there too. So I sat next to them, and most of my other family sat behind us. This seems to be taking forever to get to my point, xD. Point is, I watched them walk and get their diploma and it was pretty neat. First graduation I had ever been too, unless I was a baby..therefore I wouldn't remember haha. It was a pretty good experience and such. I enjoyed it.

I hope to succeed in getting my G.E.D as well, summer soon. The sooner the better right? My Dad said if I do it he would too, online courses though. I hope he's being 'foe real because that would be pretty wicked. I would finally not be considered a "drop out" anymore and at least having a G.E.D would be better than nothing, right? I still want to accomplish things in life, and become's just going to take alot, alot of hope, alot of courage, alot of effort, and alot of alots! I already know it's going to be hard, everyone tells me that and I'm just sitting there thinking "Duh, I'm not retarded, alot of things in life are pretty dang hard." The simplest things in life aren't even that simple, c'mon now. But yeah, becoming something is really important to me.

I went and spent the night with my Mom not to long ago. It wasn't that bad. She seemed good, sane, and not high. Asheville, North Carolina, is such a beautiful place to go too. You should visit. People roaming and singing in downtown and playing musical instruments. Not to mention the hairstyles people had, I saw a purple Mohawk o:  I enjoyed seeing her and staying with her that night, because I hadn't seen her in so long. I was worried though, before hand. I was scared something would go wrong while I was with her, that she would do something and screw shit crap up again, and just worried to be with her. But, I was good and came home alive, haha. I was happy overall. I still miss her knowing that she lives ways from me but she texts me almost everyday. Also, I went to one of her meetings and it was really..something, nothing I had ever been to before. AAA meeting? Or something like that for addicts. I watched this one dude, well man, and he went up to a stand and was talking about how he had been clean for more than twenty years now and was really happy. He even told his story, I'm not sure if the word that would describe that would be inspiring but it was something near that. I really had a good time with her. I hope that next time it will be just as great.

Now to talk about my other Mother, my step Mom. The one who has been there for me since I was really little, not including my Dad. I'm sure she might be reading this because she usually checks up on my blog haha. She is truly an amazing person and an amazing Mother. I haven't really told anyone, but my family members that aren't that close to her..but she has Breast Cancer. Yes, Breast Cancer. She and the rest of us have known for awhile. She's has to go to many doctor and therapist appointments. She is having surgery the 25th of May, and I know she's probably scared to death. Hell Heck who wouldn't scared? I hate to say this, seeing as she is probably reading this and already knows, but there is a chance she/whoever can die through this type of surgery..But that's like every surgery right? I am sure everything will go fine. I am positive everything will be and go fine! If you don't know what anyone is like after breast cancer surgery you should probably look it up, it isn't so good. Takes weeks to months to years maybe to be fully okay or healed through a surgery. I admit, it's going to rough after the 25th. Mainly because she is going to get tired of laying around and not being able to do anything, and that truly sucks ass butt! Am I right? I believe I am, thank you. But I will be here and there to try to help her and do and get what she needs >.<. Not going to be easy like I said, but she will get through this and be a strong amazing woman like she already is. Please wish the best of luck towards her, even pray for her if that's what you do. Anything nice like that would be amazing. Thank you. Also, before I end this. Before I logged onto my Blogger today someone else was signed on..and you know who made their self a blog? My step Mom! I know what your thinking..Damnnnn Dannnngggggg. I know right, haha. I will put a link up to it below and you can read what she has posted so far. Follow her on here and go on a journey that she herself has not even begun yet. (She doesn't blog much I think.) Thank you for reading this <3. I love you Sarah.

Step Moms Blog:
Follow her^

That is it for tonight guys! I really appreciate if you guys read all this. It means alot. I love you all <3.
Pictures below of what was discussed<3.

 Graduation photos:

Dad, Sapphire, Austin, Stallone, and Me.

Sapphire and Stallone.


 Some Asheville pictures:

Mountains o:
Alot of people downtown, look at her and her instrument! So cool :3.

I must say, this might be one of the best entries I have wrote yet.  (: