Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd. Almost 11am.

Konnichiwa everyone. I know I haven't been on in forever, well blogged in forever. I honestly just haven't felt like it, it's a first right? Haha. So I had to reread my last blog to see what I had wrote and stuff. So, how was ISS that day? Pretty damn darn boring, two dudes were annoying and two of my friends were alright but we couldn't really talk really. My desk had carvings in it, with like peoples names xD.So yeah, boring much. Ah, how was Physical Science? I don't really favor that class, the teacher is..o.o..well she's just kinda boring and the way she talks is kinda annoying haha. Last class of the day and I dislike it, but I did have service (cellphone) in the class.
                                             I dyed my hair pink(:
Hope your Valentine's Day was awesome and fun filled! Mine was pretty good, got alot of chocolate form Stephen and a teddy bear. I named him..Mr.Cuddles :3. But yeah, after school I went to my friend Ben's house and we watched some anime! Clannad!<--Pretty interesting anime right there buddy. His friend came over and well had an idea to give a rose to a girl at the mall, any girl. Ben went along with it as well. Haha, one weird idea for Valentine's Day huh? When the girls got their flowers, they were pretty HAPPY and shocked. Best two things that could have happened. At least noone threw a flower at their faces and ran off, that would have sucked..would have been kinda funny though. Hahaha. Ima skip the arguments that day with someone..:/ Uhm anyway. Later on. Came home, and got my Valentine's from my Dad and Sarah, he purposed to her that day <3. How sweet right? So cute. Then later on I went to bed, hooray sleep.
So the week later on? Wasn't the best of weeks, haha. I can't quite remember so I'm not really going to say. I really should blog at least twice a week, like I was doing. xD.
Oh oh! Almost done with the anime series (13 episodes) of Myself; Yourself. I like it, it's pretty good. I think I like all the anime I watch, xD. Elfen Lied was pretty awesome! Random I know, but I really enjoyed that anime.

Oh, serious issue..well debate I'm having..I don't like school, and I'm pretty much under stress and pressure anyway..But I think I want to quit, and get my G.E.D..I mean it sounds good, I can still go to college and it doesn't take as long. Is there any twists to that at all? I have no clue. I think, as long as I go to college and do what I want I'm fine. I hope I'm right.
Well, Ima go. I'll blog soon.(:
Also, as you can see in that photo up there, I dyed all my hair pink, but not all of it looks pink, you can still see red hair and what not, even though I bleached it..weird. I also got my braces off! Well, the top ones anyway. And And, Stallone (brother) got snakebites, they look great, picture below. Hope your week and weekend goes well!


  1. I dyed my hair pink once, but I bleached the hell out of it so it was eye melting bright. Yours looks pretty nice.