Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14th.

Konnichiwa babeh ;D. I know I said I would update soon, this is basically soon so shhushhh! I just haven't felt like writing, well blogging haha. Bleh bleh! I cut my hair, yes I kinda look like a guy, but ima girl dang it! I like it though:3.

I've been up here with my Mom for like 2 weeks! I've had alot of fun, and I love her alot. But I miss my Dad and Sarah D:! I shall be going home Monday though so woot woot:3. I hope Sarah is doing good, but eh, ya know how things are so heh.


I still need to get my g.e.d :/, I know I know I need to hurry up and do that, I will I will! I really don't want to drive, but I figure I shiuld atleast get my license when i' 18 even though I probably won't need it cause I won't want to drive haha xD, I'm weird I know, don't judge me! xD

I finally know I want to do you guys! I dunno if I wrote it in another blog post but oh well! I want to be a photographer. Like, take pictures of nature, weddings, kids, familys, anything really(: Except nude people! xDD, haha. That's what I wanna do :3. Then have a minor in business o:, so yeah!
I want another tattoo! I wanted to like have a humming bird and butterfly on my chest, like higher than my japanese tattoos and one on the upper right and the other on the upper left, but I can't find any awesome humming birds but I did find this nice butterfly, picture after this, and well I will probably get it but with different colors:3. Looks pretty wicked eh? (the butterfly on the upper left shoulder, click to make bigger).

Well, I shall update later ;D. Love you guys, peace ;D.

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