Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wow, it's January..The JUICY Stuff.

Hey hey. I am always off and on with blogging. I feel like I left this blog with some unanswered questions. I am a curious person myself, so maybe someone else is too and was curious about what happened after that date.
This should be a super honest blog entry, because my last entry was partially influenced. I say that because the person I went on a date with probably would have looked at my post.

So, let's catch up..on juicy gossip or relationships. So let's ignore the last post, and let me re-ask that same question.

Am I ready to date? Sure, yeah, why not. It's been over a year since my breakup.
Since my breakup I've had; one major crush, 3 dates, a month relationship, close friend crush, and etc. (yes, in that order)

Nothing happened with my "one major crush", and I say major because this was the first person I truly liked after my breakup.

I went on three dates, yes. The first date was the one I had mentioned in my last entry. Now, I know I said the date WASN'T that bad, but I mean, it was half and half really. Long story short, the double date was just really uncomfortable. His friends couldn't go out without having some type of drug in their system because apparently they didn't think bowling would be fun while not high on something. I didn't get it. So that was a downside. We went to iHop afterwards, and that was nice, and fun. I feel like this doesn't sound like a bad date, but the environment was just not fun. This guy and I only talked for a total of like a month or a month and a half. He kept pressuring me to be his girlfriend, yet he knew I wanted to wait and give it time. I got tired of that, and so did he. He messed it up at the end for himself, and I am actually glad that I am not with him, xD.
The second date was with a guy I met off of Tinder, and before you judge that, I knew someone that knew his best friend, so it seemed okay -I'm alive, yay.I actually thought that date went well. We went to the fair, k-mart, and the park. It was pretty fun, and I had maybe talked to him for a month or so. After we met, he basically was short with replies and texts. After it had been a month later, I sent him a text saying, "hey, hope you're doing okay", and he basically told me that a lot had been going on, etc etc. Nothing happened with that.
The third date was with an old friend of which I knew because of elementary school. My sister's boyfriend was really good friends with him, and apparently he talked to them and wanted to go on a double date, with me and them. So what happened was, my sister and her boyfriend were not able to make it, so he and I went on a regular date by ourselves. He took me to Applebee's, which was pretty nice (I had never been there before). After we ate, we then went and saw a movie. I let him pick the movie, because I didn't really care; everything that was showing seemed good. He took me home, and was a gentlemen for sure. He said he had a great time, but the next few days after that, he didn't really talk to me. Let me just say, I don't care if any of the dates I went on were bad, but if someone didn't have a great time, they shouldn't say that they did and then stop being your friend >.>.

Yes, a month relationship. I was in a relationship for about a month with a guy I had met in my Art History class. I thought he was exactly what I needed. He was nerdy, shy, innocent, and never really had a real relationship before. He was a few years younger than me, I don't care about age as long as it's 18 or 18+, just saying. He really was sweet and caring, but I ended it because there was no emotional attachment. I didn't feel a spark. I felt like, if it's been this long I should know if we match up well or if there was a special connection there.I feel like we had more of a physical connection. I mean, I thought he was adorable, no doubt. I hope he's okay though. That's it on that.

So, my close friend crush. I don't really wanna say much about this, just because, yeah. Long story short, I would rather be friends with this person for a life time then possible not working out and messing up our friendship and possibly other friendships (it's complicated).

It has been a little crazy, but that's okay, that is life. I still look forward to talking to people, and making friendships, even if it doesn't lead to anything else.I am a pretty positive person, if something is meant to happen, it'll happen.

That is all for now!
This really wasn't juicy, but IT IS something okay xD.
Have a great day, and year!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Am I ready to date yet?

This questions ponders my mind as I talk to multiple people, and it's not even "talking", it's just talking to the opposite sex. I enjoy talking to men, as friends. I recently got the app MeetMe, and Tinder because, why not? I enjoy talking to others, and hey, maybe someone interesting will come along and will actually have a decent conversation that doesn't revolve around a massive hard on.
I'm not going to lie, I have made about maybe, 3 guy friends total from this, and they are nice. I feel like I should add that, I put on my bio/about me that I am only looking for friends (it's the truth). I believe the 3 friends I have made are good enough and I have decided that I will be deleting those app accounts soon. I just enjoy talking to others, it honestly doesn't even have to be a male.

I am actually not sure where I was going with this, haha. I just felt the need to blog some, and this topic is currently what I am going through. I mean, am I ready to date? I have only been single for 6 months, and honestly I don't think it's enough time...unless the right person comes along.

So, has the right person came along yet? Sheesh, why do you have to ask so many questions?!
It's funny that you mention that random person from the internet.. I went on a double date this past weekend and my night ended at 9am, technically the morning. I don't want to post much about it online, for now, but it wasn't that bad. Sure it had its ups and downs, but that was the first date I had been on since, who even knows! So, that was my first date after my breakup.

Do you plan on going on more dates with this person or just a date in general in the future?
I would like to go on another date with the same person, but it all depends. It depends on how I feel, and on how this person acts for the next week or so. I am a weird person, and I take a lot into consideration. If this doesn't work out though, will I want to go on more dates? Not only am I weird, but I am cautious, so it depends on the person and how long I have been talking to that person.

I think I may end this post here, but this makes me think that I should make a blog about my dates and other juicy things. I just enjoy writing, and saying how and what I feel at the moment, I hope that isn't to weird for most of you weirdos :P.

Have a great day! If you yourself haven't dated in a long time, and are wondering if you should get back out there..just remember, you are #1 and you have to make yourself happy, you come first!

Monday, May 4, 2015

No text back? Okay, cool.

So, I am going to rant a little today because I have an issue that happens every so often with multiple people and it aggravates the piss out of me. - no, I don't really pee myself xD.

So, what is the deal with no texts back? Like, I am just curious.

If you're busy, that's cool, just reply later. Do you not know the phrase "better late than never"? -well it's true in this case.

If you don't want to talk, that's cool too just send "bye", or "talk to you later". At least that is REPLYING.

If you forget to reply, okay cool, reply when you realize that you forgot to reply in the first place. -that happens to me a lot and I still respond.

This REALLY aggravates me. I am not talking about one person, this happens every now and then. Although, I do have one friend who does it quite often and I don't see why. I am talking to YOU, I'm basically giving you attention by talking to you. I don't understand.

Here is a list of reasons of why someone should NOT REPLY TO ME in some cases:

1. If you are trying to get in my pants.
You mind as well stop that nonsense. You aren't Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio, just saying ~.
Also, I ain't easy. Go ahead and go cry in a corner, and try someone else.

2. If you are trying to get something out of talking to me.
 I don't mind paying for something every now and then but I won't make it a habit.
Friends help each other, they don't try to dry them clean.

3. If I threaten to come to your house to beat you up..
I mean why reply, I'm on my way so yeah, be prepared man.

4. If you plan on bringing me food.
I love food, so thank you and I will see you in a few.

5. If you are afraid that I will steal your soul.
Oh yes, I am a ginger ;D.

I know I gave a list of reasons of why someone should not reply to me in some cases, but I would still appreciate a reason as of why he or she can't respond back. I also know that people have busy lives, heck I have a busy life. I just enjoy talking and I feel like that is something I am good at xD. I guess I could give a list of why some people don't reply..I mean that would be an honest thing to blog about, haha.


  Here is a list of reasons of why someone probably doesn't reply to me:

1. I'm blunt.
I'm sorry? Honesty is the best way to live.

2. I want attention.
I'm not even REALLY wanting attention, I just want to talk. Why is that such a bad thing?

3. I have no soul.
I already have your soul, so just keep on talking. It's to late now buddy.

I believe that is pretty much it, a small list I know. INSANE RIGHT? Oh well. 

I realize I have lists of why people shouldn't respond/reply to me and why some probably don't, xDDD. Did I just make myself look bad? OH WELL. Maybe some people don't respond because they are having food delivered to me right meow. OH SNAP.
Don't worry, if you are not responding back to me, I am just going to go and converse with some other intellectual. So, I am good, just aggravated with some people.

Thanks for reading!
Just a little rant for today. 
( plus, some funniness stuff, right :P? )

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm More Experienced in Life?

The other night I was talking to my friend about who was more "experienced", and no, we were not talking about sexually, haha! When I was discussing how I am more "experienced", I realized that I have really went through some rough shit. Was I really trying to prove I was more experienced because of all the bad shit that has happened during my life, or was it my brain trying to make me realize, "hey girl, you are making it and you should realize it". Weirdly enough, my brain was right. I may not have been as fortunate as others, but who I am now is someone I am proud to be. I am really making it. I am in college to further my education and so that I can transfer into a program I am really interested in.-to me, that's a start.

I was debating on actually posting the types of questions that were brought up by myself that led me to think "I am more experienced in life", and I think I will. They may seem like nonsense, but they aren' a way. I'm just throwing them out there, so you all can get an idea.

"Ever have an immediate family member go to jail or prison?" 
"Ever have to live with a guardian, or away from your parents for more than 5 years?" 
"Ever skip classes or drop out?"
"Ever want to be put in the hospital just to see who really cares?"
"Ever been emotionally abused?"
"Ever witness someone so high, that they couldn't even paint your toenails?"
"Ever have to act like an adult for an adult?"
"Any family members who have had cancer or currently have cancer?"

I'm not sure what you make of the questions I asked to see if this person really knew anything about what someone goes through, but the fact that they all are apart of my life, even if some of it is in the past, is interesting. Why did I even let all of that out? Why bother? Well, I am guessing it's good to let some things out, even if they aren't good things. Everything that may have been unfortunate in my life, may have affected me, but I am a pretty positive person, and I love that about myself.

After everything, and at the end of the day, I like who I am and I love myself. That is the most important thing to do for yourself.

Love yourself, and don't let your past affect your future in a negative way. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year.

Wow, how time flies!
It's now 2015, and my last post was in March 2014, WOW. I would normally rant and say I'll do better and I'll update more, but things get in the way. Life gets in the way. Cliche I guess haha. I'm going to try and make a short and simple update, because my blog really needs a new post-my own fault.

I will start off by.. telling you what major(ish) things have happened since my last update..sound good? Good. So my last post said I was super stoked about the New York trip, and yes I did go and I had such an amazing time! If you don't already, you should follow me/subscribe to me on YouTube because I post videos at least once a week, and my New York trip was captured daily and uploaded onto YouTube! So, yes, the New York trip, I went with the art club, and WOW, just wow. It was amazing! The pizza and the museums, yes yes yes, just an amazing time. So I don't ramble about how I was fortunate enough to go, checkout my videos.

So about a week or so after my NY trip, I was able to visit Savannah, Georgia with my Granny for a weekend. We went because my cousin, Katarine, goes to SCAD, and they were having a parent weekend type thing and I was luckily invited to join my Granny! Savannah, GA, is a very pretty place! Not as crowded as NY, haha, a plus! What I liked most about that trip, besides spending some time with my family, was the SCAD Chalk Art. These students had AMAZING work done in chalk, blew my freakin' mind o.o. (also a video on my YouTube channel). So Georgia was nice as well ^-^.

Those are the 2 major trips that I went on, I really didn't go into detail with because well, I am sure the videos would be more awesome to watch and such.

2nd year in college, woot woot! Spring semester actually starts this coming Monday O.O. Last semester, I had Ceramics 2, Painting 1, 2 different Englishes (one half the semester, then the other the last half), and an online Computer class. I passed all of my classes! YAY!
So my classes for this semester are, Figure Drawing, 3D Drawing, West Civ, an English, and Art History! I'm excited, but I know that this semester is the semester that I really have to take time and STUDY a lot more than I normally do. I'm wanting a certain GPA for myself, so I need to do my best in my classes in general!

Also! I am VP in SAGA, YAY! It just makes me happy that I am open into being in clubs at my college, it took me forever to join the Art Club, I am so glad that I am in 2 clubs though. I really enjoy it, and I enjoy the people in both clubs.

I think that's it o.o... I said it would be short, thank you for reading!
Have a great week ^-^

P.S. there is more than one NY video.. :D

P.S.S me and my Mom got matching tattoos..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11th, 2014~

Hey y'all!!! I hope everyone is doing swell, like I always say ^-^! So instead of my usual, "I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile, I will do better, blah blah", I just want to say I'm sorry for not being more frequent with my blog posts. Anyway! Let's just get into the updating and all that shiz.

How is college going? College is actually going really well this semester and I'm not sure if it's because of my fun art classes or because I am actually making friends, haha! I like to say I'm antisocial but, I'm not quite sure that is the case haha-maybe I am just nervous. Last semester I "lost" a good friend of mine, not really "lost" because we're taking a break (weird saying I know). We are taking a break because I can't handle someone who is really insecure of their self and posting about it all over the internet trying to get attention-even though she says she wasn't trying to get attention. The fact is, I told her how other people would see it because that's how I see it but of course she fought about it and one of her friends even agree'd with her. If you are her friend, then you need to tell her the truth, sorry not sorry. I had multiple people agree with me and it's just sad that she can't get over herself. I use to have low self esteem and it's not healthy, I have learned to love myself and she needs to do the same. You should love yourself, you are beautiful!
Off topic, whoops, xD.  I am enjoying my art classes so far which is kinda surprising because I don't believe I have "artistic talent" haha but, I guess them because they're fun ^-^. I'll post pictures down below of 3 ceramic pieces I made last week. 2D is going pretty well, we have 3 projects due in two weeks, after we get back from Spring break, which I have 1 finished so I am good haha xD. That's about it for college.

New York Trip? I am going to New York in 7 days, OMG I am so excited y'all! I don't really know what to say about this topic, haha, because I am just to excited xD! Well, I will try to give some details, hmm. I am going to New York with the art and history club, you don't even have to be in the clubs to go, you just have to major in one of the two. Each day we have museums or fun free sites to see and go too. I just paid for my bus tickets yesterday, and we are actually getting there earlier than everyone and we are leaving later than everyone XD, weird right? MORE FREE TIME though, so hopefully it's all good ^-^. I will be vlogging everyday while I am in NY so y'all keep an eye out on my YouTube channel!

Stephen's birthday was yesterday! Sadly, I really didn't have anything planned for his birthday besides taking him out to eat. We went to Golden Corral and ate as much as we could because, everyone knows Golden Corral prices have went up for some stupid reason haha. Then, we went to Goodwill and I got a dress, a shirt, and I bought him a pair of shorts! Lastly, we went to Wal-Mart because he needed to pick up a few things for his Mom and he wanted his hair cut.-we ended up waiting almost 30 minutes for some woman to be available haha. He got his haircut for FREE, yes free. He was actually really lucky haha, there was this lady interviewing for a job and she needed to do a mans haircut so, it was free!-his haircut looks so great too. He is a cutie! He said he had a great birthday and I hope he really did even though he waited on me twice yesterday and I felt/feel bad about that :/. All in all, I always have a great time spending time with him!

I'll end this post here since I actually started writing this on the 8th xD. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's a New Year!

Hey y'all! Well well, it sure has been a LONG time since I have blogged and I am sorry about that to the people who actually read my blog, I am sorry!
So, I will do a quick update; nothing is TO new in my life haha.

I started my 3rd semester back at college Monday and I vlogged this whole week! I will put the videos in this post so anyone can watch them  (I put up 2 so if you want to watch more then just go to my channel)^-^. This week has been long but not so bad, I've seen alot of my friends already (which I don't really have any haha). I see my friend Stephanie every day, and Ashlynn on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is neat. They are both really good friends :D.

Gawsh, there is nothing really to write, maybe I will have more time to write more very soon!

Have a great New Year everyone and do great in school/college!