Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 11th 1:07am :D.

Hai hai hai hai! I haven't kept updating and it is making me mad cause I keep saying I willl xDD, I really do try o.o, no joke O.O. I will keep updating sooner or later o.o! Eventually o.o, mwahhaa o.o!

So, my Dad finally took me to the GED place! I start in January, I need to hurry and finally get this shit shiz over with already so I can do something GREAT with my life, seriously. So this woman said they have this photography program and I will probably do it. Then after probably something with business or something in the medical field.

LIFE IS TO SHORT TO ONLY DO ONE THING IN LIFE, right? Indeed I am, so woot woot.

Eh I don't really want to drive but I am going to get my license after my GED or during, ima take the classes. I just don't wann drive with all the fucking freakin' crazy people out there on the road O.O. So yeah o.o.

I will write more another day, kinda tired heh DX. I really will  update soon o.o. Just incase I forget..which I WON'T! Merry Christmas Everyone <3.

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