Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wow, it's January..The JUICY Stuff.

Hey hey. I am always off and on with blogging. I feel like I left this blog with some unanswered questions. I am a curious person myself, so maybe someone else is too and was curious about what happened after that date.
This should be a super honest blog entry, because my last entry was partially influenced. I say that because the person I went on a date with probably would have looked at my post.

So, let's catch up..on juicy gossip or relationships. So let's ignore the last post, and let me re-ask that same question.

Am I ready to date? Sure, yeah, why not. It's been over a year since my breakup.
Since my breakup I've had; one major crush, 3 dates, a month relationship, close friend crush, and etc. (yes, in that order)

Nothing happened with my "one major crush", and I say major because this was the first person I truly liked after my breakup.

I went on three dates, yes. The first date was the one I had mentioned in my last entry. Now, I know I said the date WASN'T that bad, but I mean, it was half and half really. Long story short, the double date was just really uncomfortable. His friends couldn't go out without having some type of drug in their system because apparently they didn't think bowling would be fun while not high on something. I didn't get it. So that was a downside. We went to iHop afterwards, and that was nice, and fun. I feel like this doesn't sound like a bad date, but the environment was just not fun. This guy and I only talked for a total of like a month or a month and a half. He kept pressuring me to be his girlfriend, yet he knew I wanted to wait and give it time. I got tired of that, and so did he. He messed it up at the end for himself, and I am actually glad that I am not with him, xD.
The second date was with a guy I met off of Tinder, and before you judge that, I knew someone that knew his best friend, so it seemed okay -I'm alive, yay.I actually thought that date went well. We went to the fair, k-mart, and the park. It was pretty fun, and I had maybe talked to him for a month or so. After we met, he basically was short with replies and texts. After it had been a month later, I sent him a text saying, "hey, hope you're doing okay", and he basically told me that a lot had been going on, etc etc. Nothing happened with that.
The third date was with an old friend of which I knew because of elementary school. My sister's boyfriend was really good friends with him, and apparently he talked to them and wanted to go on a double date, with me and them. So what happened was, my sister and her boyfriend were not able to make it, so he and I went on a regular date by ourselves. He took me to Applebee's, which was pretty nice (I had never been there before). After we ate, we then went and saw a movie. I let him pick the movie, because I didn't really care; everything that was showing seemed good. He took me home, and was a gentlemen for sure. He said he had a great time, but the next few days after that, he didn't really talk to me. Let me just say, I don't care if any of the dates I went on were bad, but if someone didn't have a great time, they shouldn't say that they did and then stop being your friend >.>.

Yes, a month relationship. I was in a relationship for about a month with a guy I had met in my Art History class. I thought he was exactly what I needed. He was nerdy, shy, innocent, and never really had a real relationship before. He was a few years younger than me, I don't care about age as long as it's 18 or 18+, just saying. He really was sweet and caring, but I ended it because there was no emotional attachment. I didn't feel a spark. I felt like, if it's been this long I should know if we match up well or if there was a special connection there.I feel like we had more of a physical connection. I mean, I thought he was adorable, no doubt. I hope he's okay though. That's it on that.

So, my close friend crush. I don't really wanna say much about this, just because, yeah. Long story short, I would rather be friends with this person for a life time then possible not working out and messing up our friendship and possibly other friendships (it's complicated).

It has been a little crazy, but that's okay, that is life. I still look forward to talking to people, and making friendships, even if it doesn't lead to anything else.I am a pretty positive person, if something is meant to happen, it'll happen.

That is all for now!
This really wasn't juicy, but IT IS something okay xD.
Have a great day, and year!