Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th Around 1pm, at the hospital.

Hey everyone! How is your summer? Hopefully going pretty well. You should just be happy you get this kind of break, haha.

My what so called summer, will be normal, I will try to be home alot. Mainlyy for Sarah, because everyone else gets on my nerves somehow, or do at times. Atleast if I stay home, Sarah won't have to stay around Dad in the bedroom or have the baby running around acting retarded because I will be mean, lol. Sarah shouldn't feel alone, because she isn't. Not even close really, but I am here for her and that's a big plus. Wouldn't you want some weirdo looking troll help you? Haha I think YES :3. So, I am going to try to go to every appointment she has, that is a hard commitment, lol, but I will try. I love you Sarah!

Right now I am using the hospitals wifi. We left the house around six something this morning to make her early bird appointment, which was around eight. She had to get radiation, then something else was done so she could get her bones scanned, I dunno the official doctor word for it, sorry. Waited four hours, till her 1pm appointment, which she is back there now, I forgot why she is back there but yeahh. Then we will have to wait again because her last appointment of the day is at three I believe. I'm sorry that I don't know what's being done off the tip of my head D: I'm sure all we go well and we will succeed on going home! Wish her luck,

This week I am going to my Moms. Thursday thru Sunday, I think. I'm hoping will have lots of fun! She says we will do alot and have alot planned, but just going there seems like a good thing, I am excited lol. We'll see though.

I'm going for now, thanks guys! I love everyone ;D.

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