Saturday, August 25, 2012

Almost September!

Hai everyone! I know my last entry was alot of things, and things I need to explain now since a month has passed on. To let everyone know how everything ACTUALLY did turn out.

I got my GED! Yes, I now have a diploma and no longer am I considered a drop out! I did what I had to do. I am so glad that I am finally done with it, sadly ima miss the two great teachers that were there for me in the class, the were really awesome and very helpful! Suprisingly, my highest score was in math, i'm not telling my scores haha. I'm the girl who has a diploma now.

My future..may be right around the corner, but it feels as if it is miles away. Things seem to be back firing here and there, and kinda mess things up. Future why must you do this to me!!?!

No I do not... have my license yet OR a car. I haven't practiced driving in a month! So no use in worrieing about getting my license anytime soon, (need it before January though), because first, I basically got lied too. I'm not getting a car, at all. Second, didn't start college this Fall so wasn't know need. Don't pity me, life goes on. Sucky, but life goes on. I'll HOPEFULLY be going to college next semester, January, and HOPEFULLY i'll have my license or atleast someone who can take me. No license, no car. Can't get a car with no license. Can't drive if you have a license with no car. So, lose lose situation haha. So that's how that goes

Oh! Do you know how bad it sucks to get a letter and a email from the college you want to go to but can't go to it because it's so far away and even if you did have a car it'd be alot of gas. It's 30-40 minutes away. It sucks. Absolutely sucks. So, I think I actually came to a conclusion like, a few days ago. I think ima just have to find something to do at RCC, basically the only thing I can really do at the moment. I'll look through their programs later and see if something interests me. Hopefully there will be something that sparks my interests. I can most likely go to PCC down the road, later, years later >.>. Dad said I could take what I need for the PCC program at RCC and then go to PCC for the main stuff, but that adds in like an extra year or two, and I don't want that, makes no sense to do it for four years, when I can do it in two. So yeah, my lifes story haha. I'll be looking at RCC's page later.

I have been looking.. for jobs, mainly so I will be able to save up for a car one day, and then I want to save up for a trip. I'll explain "the trip" in my next blog entry. The job search is going nowhere and is kinda boring. I also want a job so i can get out of being in the house all day haha. I need to get out, atleast sometimes!

I  have been...spending alot of time with Sarah  She is my step Mom, who I refer to as my Mom ^-^.
I just got her into watching Awkward with me! We started on season one episode one, cause we are just that cool ;D. I really like this show, and I am glad that she does too, or we wouldn't be watching it together and spending time together. I love her sooo much <3.

I also stayed with Nina the other week, we had
loads of fun! I seriously missed her
and Addison so much!
Ima see her this week<3
My.. step sister is going to New Jersey for maybe a month at the month. Austin was supppose to go with her, and their Dad but he changed his mind to stay at home with all of us. That's cool, i'm glad she's getting away. The only thing that really irks me, is that she had a going away party last night, and didn't even invite me let alone her brother or Mother! She complains about how Sarah doesnt' call her first or blah blah, when all this week Sarah has been trying to get in touch with her. Pisses Pees me offf. You are suppose to treat family better I though. But what do I know? I'ma leave this as is, for now.

Ima go guys! Hope your school year, or college, or non college, or life is going great!
I also put pink extensions in my hair woot!