Saturday, January 22, 2011

2:00am January 23.

Ello you! Hope everyone is doing swell, great, good, wonderful, etc etc. I'm alright, haha. I just noticed I write the date on my blog entries and don't see why, but I like too! So ima keep doing it, xD.
So yeah, what happened this week? Um, well went to school needless to say. It was an okay week, normal school work in some boring classes, not all oft hem are, just depends on the teacher you have haha. I guess I am ready for the exams, mainly ready for these classes to be over. But next semester will be kinda worse;maybe, with the apex class. In apex I'll have to take like 3 classes, wish me luck guys.  Oh, I did get two letters this week though. One from my  Mom and the other from my friend Felecia. Felecia lives in Thomasville and I haven't seen her since the fourth grade, I do miss her and hopefully will get to see her soon. Me and her were really close friends, had sleepovers and such hahaha. Also, Stallone came over and stayed a night and that was pretty fun. He can be crazy haha, what are brothers for right? As that old saying goes, xD. Oh oh, also, I thought I broke my pinky toe one day cause I slammed it up against ny couch by an accident and it hurt like a bitch bish and the skin around it was like blue o.o, but it is oddly fine now, so yay! Oh, I kinda skipped some class too, but not technically but then again technically, xD, I was called down to my guidance person and was there for a minute then left, and well kinda saw my friends at lunch and talked for ten minutes then went to class, o.o. My 3rd period teacher loves me anyway, you know the "coolest teacher ever" haha.
Oh oh oh! Lmao. I also decided ima cosplay Lal Mirch from Hitman Reborn, she seems pretty cool and two of my friends are doing characters from the same show so we'll have like a little group, which will hopefully be fun and cool. I think that's about it for the week though.
My weekend so far? Boring and usual. Home and lazy. Right says everything haha. But I can stay up late which is pretty fun I suppose? But I text my boyfriend everyday so it's cool. Yeah, I have a boyfriend but don't really talk about him much, just because haha anyonje can read this but he is a really sweet person. If you have a boyfriend and girlfriend or antyhing else, I hope yall are doing great! (: I think too many complain about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend and then when they finally get one they start to complain again or end the relationship within a week, which too me is dumb. Know what I mean? Woot if you know and agree.
This week is exams, since they were moved due to snow and guess what? It's suppose to snow again sometime this week, forgot what day or days. I still gotta sttudy for those exams! I hope I'll do good, haha. Goes for you too, do good! :D
Also, ima post some doodles with this, yes doodles. Little pictures I draw when I'm bored. So yeah, don't hate cause they suck. My Dad is gonna buy me another sketch book,o.o. Tehee!
Can't wait for summer, NO SCHOOL. That is freedom baby! Hahaha (:
Ima go. Night everyone<3

Doodles :


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