Monday, September 23, 2013

Photo Nina took <3

Hey hi hello world! Been a month, I know haha, craziness right xD? Well, not much to update but I shall update anyway ^-^

How have classes been you may ask?! Well, classes have been pretty good, shocker right? If I had to pick a class that I least like it would be Math because the teacher is really slow and I feel like I already know what she is teaching, haha. I am sure everyone thinks they know what they are doing till test time, right? xD.  Yoga isn't so bad, but the day after my 1st class my body was sore haha, and it STILL gets sore after sometimes--just depends what we have done that day.  I LOVE my English class! The teacher is so hilarious and even jokes around with the students, that's the kind of teachers I like;the nice, funny, strange ones haha.In every class I have all of the students get along, that I have noticed anyway. I also like my Art class because even though I am in there for sooo long, we draw half of the time we are in there haha, so not to bad. I feel like I wrote this all over the place haha, sorry readers! Still love me right xDD? I think my grades are good, I don't know yet because they aren't up yet O.O...strange, oh well.
Nina at an old building!

Me and my lovely sister, Nina, went on a photo-shoot last week. Wait wait. I wanted to take pictures of her XD, so a photo-shoot for HER XD, but in the end she ended up taking some photos off me because I did want some, so it all worked out! We went to our downtown and took some photos near building walls, were noone could see us >.>.. Then on the railroad tracks, not safe, but we were careful! Then after that, we left to go to the cemetery, she wanted some photos took there and we did! I got some nice shots there, we aren't disrespectful people I promise ~
We had alot of funny spending some time together :D, I loves her so mucchh!

Me and lovely Leroy <3
I stayed with my boyfriend for four nights! Since my sister works on the weekdays I have to have someone to take me to my classes and then get me, and he was nice enough to do so ^-^. We had a blast! We went out to eat alot haha--Mexican restaurant, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc. I love going out to eat and spending time with him :). (I enjoy going out to eat with my family, of course!). We also went to Rue21, and of course I got a few things, mwhaha! We also went to Catos, and Goodwill so I could thrift some but I only got some books and a pair of boots, gr.
All in all, I always have a blast with my babe <3

I think that's about it y'all! Have a great day <3