Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wow, long time now write...

Writing a penpal back!
Hey everyone! I know it's been forever, NOT JUST foreverrrr, but a very long time! Or, feels like a very long time haha. I am sorry for neglecting my blog, but to be honest it's not like many people read it, but it's just an extra thing I enjoy, even though I haven't wrote in awhile. Whoever reads my blog though, I appreciate it! I'll be updating this from now on, atleast once a month! YAY YAY, I know I know, keep the applause down people O.O.

Stephen and I <3.
 Summer summer summer! My summer has had its ups and downs but I guess I can't really complain because I'm alive and doing swell. No vacation so far, and I don't think I'll have one unless I visit my Mom, which I'm not sure if I am at the moment. It doesn't and won't bother me if I don't have a vacation because a vacation is getting away for a little while and when I'm editing photos, videos and writing back to my penpals, I feel like that's a little get away on it's own. You know, when you are soooo concentrated on something and the world around you is all like * SWIRLY SWIRLY*, haha, you know what I mean so there. I also get  like that when I'm with my boyfriend, Stephen, because I love him so much. OH ADRIANNA, HUSH ABOUT YOUR LOVE BUSINESS, fine fine but he is really amazing, and I don't know what I would do without my love. Back on topic! So yes, I still enjoy photography and editing the Youtube videos that I make. I now have 205 subscribers <3, YAY! Not many, but that's alot to me :) and better than 0. I can't remember if I told everyone that I write to people, well PENPALS, but yes, I do haha. I currently have 7 penpals I believe, if they continue to write back haha, I suppose I am kinda weird soo.I've been writing since the 4th grade and will continue to do so for a very long time. This summer topic just went everywhere haha, whoops!~

I attended college last spring, which everyone knows haha. After alot of thinking and over debating, I switched my major to get my degree in Associates in Arts. I switched because I wanted to do film and video production, right? Well, if I do 2 years at my community one, I can transfer to a better college and do that, and also do photography as a minor if they offer it. Seems like a WAY better plan and this way I can be happy with what I'm trying to do. I went to register for my classes on Monday, and of course since I was kinda late with registering I had to get times I didn't really want but it'll work. I automatically had to take a "pe" class, which I chose Yoga. Wish me luck, haha, not sure how that will work. Then, I have to take a English class, and a few Math classes, but that's fine, knew I had to take those. Last, I HAD to take Drawing 1, um, I don't draw, I DOODLE, so if I get bad grades..this ginger will be pissed! The lady did say however, that if I just turned everything on time that I would be fine. She better be right or she won't be fine >.>. DUN DUN DUNNNN! Ready for Fall classes to begin!

Stallone and his girlfriend, Ciara!
I visited Virginia for a day. I forgot to mention that in my "vacation section" but that doesn't really count so yeah. My boyfriend and I took my brother, Stallone, to visit and finally meet his girlfriend. Stephen drove of course, still no license here! That was one crazy drive, but it was fun spending time with my boyfriend and brother at the same time. Atleast they get along haha, or else there probably would have been problems. We did a day trip (taking him there and coming back home) and then left to go back and get him 2 days later, which went good. My brother and his girlfriend have a long distance relationship, and had never met up until the day we took him up there, sounds like that show Catfish right? But, they had webcamed and all that shiz. They have been dating 8 months today, CONGRATS LOVE BIRDS <3!

Father's Day picture collage (:
My Dad's birthday was the 10th! I got him a card and a pair of pants for his birthday haha, not much but it counts ^-^. I know he liked them, thank gawd xD. I'll show pictures of that stuff and also Father's Day because I bought him lunch! We had a really good day eating Chinese food ^-^. Then he eats Mexican food on his birthday haha. Craziness. I love my Daddy though, through all the fights and disagreements, he is mostly right about life. He is an amazing Father and without him, I wouldn't be the "lady" that I am today.

Dad's birthdayyy.
Concluding this for now, maybe I'll update more, but thanks for sticking with me on my blog!
Much love ~