Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday,September 29.

Hey guys! It's been awhile hasn't it? Well, yesterday was my oldest brothers birthday,Stallone. He is now 18! Which is kinda awesome,even though he'll probably always act like a little kid..playing video games and what not. I've dyed all of his hair blue once! It looked pretty epic,then awhile ago but he cut his hair,what a shame. He plans to get a mohwak soon ahha. So yeah. And with me nothing has happened really. Not that I can recall as much. I went to a fair last weekend and met someone ive never met in person and I was like DDUUUDEEE. That was a pretty awesome weekend. I;m currently in ACG(: and listening to music;Asking Alexandria. Its a great band!
Wowie,I'm ina play but not technically,all I do is walk up there then walk off,haha. How much easier could that possible get? xD Wish me luck.
I'll blog more soon(:
I love bloggingg<3
Have a great week and weekend<3

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