Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eighth of Spetember!

Ello chaps! I hope everyone had a great weekend and day. My weekend was alright watched a whole season of the secret life,if you dont know what that is then oh well? Haha.I read a whole book in two hours! I was very surprised of myself,believe me. It was an Alt Life book,ill edit this later with the title and author. So how was everyones first day day back at school from a long weekend? Mine was alright,tiring blah blah blah. Today was quite the same as yesterday,just better in some ways. So,my good'ol friend Chace told me today that he was going to start to V-Blog,for anyone who doesn't know what that means to VIDEO blog,how special he will be with hes super awesome V-BLOG,sounds awesome doesn't it?xD. I might actually start doing that also,and keep blogging,I just might add the videos to this with my blog! Teehee;D
Chace if your reading this,YOUR SUPER DUPER AWESOME x's A MILLION,teeheee;3
And hopefully,I spelled your name right. THUMBS UP IF I DID.
So,I did try to post a blog yesterday but it wouldn't post,DX. I only found that out today,and I was like NOOOOO. Gr,but I did inform you guys so calm down(;
Woot Woot for my updates!
Keep tuned in<3
Have a great night!


  1. Chace is awesome lol. You sound so excited about the vlog! haha. (: I can hear your voice when I read this rofl

  2. Yes he is,xD.and yes yes I was excited hahaha. and thats beast(: