Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday!The 15th of September loves.

Hey everyone! How are yall? I'm freaking great! I had an amazing day and I played the new Halo Reach lastnight which was amazing! If you dont like Halo,tell me why? I wont get too mad..xD. So,at this very moment im still at my club,ACG. It stands for Anime Comics Gamer club,yesh it is an awesome club and I love it. Of course people draw better than me in here and play better better than me;like game wise and shiz. Me and my friend Mallory just looked at some very cute pokemon,YAY<3
Zorua is a very cute pokemon,yeppie. ALot of pokemon are so cute,haha.
Oh dudes,I dunno if I told yall but I got a letter from my Mom like two days ago or so,the mail isnt such a bummer anymore..well until I have to wait a week or two for a new letter.
TWO MORE DAYS LEFT TILL FRIDAY!! Yay,then it'll be the weekend.(: And then Monday will come,DX,therefore we still have a lonnnggg way till school ends. I'm just glad im actually doing things this year,clubs and shiz. Only Theatre/Drama and ACG,better than nothing. Well,ima go and chill and hang
Have a great end of the week.

Also,heres a good anime show..I think anyway(:

Peace Maker Kurogane!

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