Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday night loves.October 4th.

Ello everyone! It's me,Adree! Well, all must have aready figured that out,pshh,I'm so random. Excuse my weird behavior, or don't..cause I am weird.
I mean,everyone is awesome! YAYYY! I'm guessing at this very moment I am in a good mood,why not be right? I don't really wanna be sad or mad,so happy at this moment works great. I hope you all are doing well as usual.(: Early today, Sapphire and I went job looking; I know what your thinkning "Why is she looking for a job at 16?!"; Well my fellow friends, I wanna go to England this summer so I think I should earn some extra cash. As I was saying,job searching; it didn't go to bad nor to good. Lets just skip those hours,haha. After that, we ate some yummy yum Wendy's chicken nuggets, and don't forgot those fries!
"Would you like fries with that?", "Psh yeah bitch,hand it over!!".
LMAO. I'm right,eh? If you agree with that then you get a million cyber hugs from me.
*hugs a million times* TADAA, everything can be magical.(;
Wooohhooo, I think ive wrote a good amount dont you?
Well,after the job stuf, we ate, then chilled. We always chill,haha.
I also read a little, I like reading. (:
Anyhow,I should go.
I'll blog more.
Have a good week you all<3

Edited 2011: Decided England wasn't a good choice so soon, Animazment instead :D

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