Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10,Friday!

Woot woot! Hey people,its mother effin Friday! Aren't you glad? I sure is! School is tiring,most of the time. At least,i have friends(: I dyed my hair purple lastnight,because today was picture day so I didnt want faded blue hair. So yay for purple,even though my school picture probably looked bad. They usually do,to me anyway haha,some people get lucky with cute ones;3. OhhhhEmmGee you guys,guess what?! I finally got a letter from my Mom,I was excited till I opened it and well it was barely anything:/ Better than nothing I guess. So yeahhh,I do wanna VBLOG:O. Just havent yet,you guys will know when I do though:oo.
Teehee. I helped out one of my friends lastnight,he was sad:/ He had alot of problems and trusted to tell me,and of course I gave my best advice(: I love helping people,and giving advice(:
Have a great weekend everyone,sorry I didnt write much.

Today at lunch:


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