Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fifth of September my Friends.

Ello there once again. I hope everyone is doing great and is in a lovely mood! As for me,im quite alright,nothing to be to excited about..Gotta go back to school Tuesday,xD. NOOOO,save mehh?With your super hero powers that will defeat the dark side? Or if you can't,thats perfectly fine. I'll still probably love's possible..Mhm!
So,I told Sapphire to Blog! So shes found other sites to blog on. Honestly,does it matter where you blog cause if it does I'd like to know this! I figured if this is not the best site to blog on,i'll just create other blogs on different sites with the same stuff this says in it. That could always work,dont'cha think?
Oh,I was also wondering,what do people blog about? I mean if im blogging or whatever wrong I would like to know so I could achieve the BLOG power! MWAHAHAH! o.o,sorry,haha.
So,something that upseted me today?! Well,besides the fact that it's Sunday and mail doesn't run on Sundays! Which why is that anyway?! It crushes the hopes and dreams of people who write!
Anyhow,the reason why this sucked for me is because I've wrote my Mom a bunch of letters in the past two weeks,and I haven't heard from her! DX. It's a down right bummer. Oh,I'm sure you may have a questioned look upon your face about why I write my Mother? It's because shes in prison,yes prison. It's sad isnt it? I'm just glad I'm actually taking my time to write her..Shes been in and out of jail/prison since I was a kid. So,my Dad was the one who mostly took care of me. Then he met his "love",to till this day they still haven't married. it's been 9 years in all?Maybe 10 years. Sapphire would know. So yeah,Him and Sarah(the lover),were the ones who took care of me and my older brother Stallone. He'll be 18 at the end of September. So,later on Sarah had a baby,Tatiana;who is now 5 years old and just started kindergarten(sp?). She has gotten into trouble every day,I wonder who she gets it from..Hmm. But yeah,Sarah has also Sapphire;18years old,and Austin who is 15years old. Their my family,and I would be nowhere without them till this day.
I didn't mention my half sister,Nina shes 19 or 18 years old,I forget this things cause of the amount of siblings I have.Haha. Shes a CNA or CNA assistant which is pretty cool. She is also about to have a little baby! I know AWWWHHH rightt? I'ma be an awesome unique aunt,or so I think.(:
Whooo,I've wrote alot. I'm never gonna get veiws cause I talk/type to much. DX
Anyhow,have a great week you guys.
I'll blog soon(:



  2. Malloryy!
    I loves you too(:
    Thanks for commenting;D

  3. I love your blog things, yo. xD
    if tatiana is who I'm thinking of, she's ridiculously cute. :3

  4. Really?Thanks Hunterr(:
    And haha,awh.She can be.