Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today,the Fourth of September,

Hello there people of the internet. My name is Adrianna,but calling my Adree is alright. My name is totally different from Adrian,I've never liked that name since it's so close to mine;weird right?
Anyway,today I was like "I SHOULD BLOG",knowing that and knowing that I didnt have a blog thing to blog on,I searched blogging onto Google. Google has sent me here on a mission to define myself,maybe?
Me wanting to blog started with Hunter having some blog site of his own,very fancy if I do say so myself;i'll leave a link so you can look at his site. He's one of my best guy friends.HUGS ARE FOREVER. Haha,I'm to weird. At this current moment I am listening to He Is We,it's a great band,so I think anwayy.
Well,I have to go for now;I did want to write more but I has to leave with Sapphire.My step sister.
I'll write about her later or whatever.

Oh, Hunter drew me (in ACG) :