Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15th.

Hey hey hey! Woot, almost Christmas break thank gawd. Today was pretty pretty good. I play way too much in school, oh well. I hope everyone is doing GREAT(: I'm at ACG! Yay<3. After this hour of ACG i'll be in Ladybugs<3,yay! Oh my gawd dude! These two guys are playing YuGiOh and I was over there watching,I feel like a nerd..big time.XD. I use to play alittle but I was really sucky, my Dad and brother;Stallone played alot of it and we're really good and even went in tournaments!:O How beast is that shiz? Wait..saying that makes me even more of a nerd,eh? Sweet(;
Woot woot, Raavens with me(:
It might snow tonight,haha. I hope so but then again I dont because I dont wanna have to make up any retarded days that the school people assign or whatever. Whoaa.I dunno what to say.xD.
Lets see...I've made one hat! It's purple, and it didn't take long. My teacher helped me and shes pretty darn rad. I'm now working on my orange one, cause I have a cool orange hat idea!
I love everyone(:
Happy Holidays!


  1. Don't feel like a nerd over YuGiOh haha I was over there too :P The game lasted almost 3 hours!