Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year.

Wow, how time flies!
It's now 2015, and my last post was in March 2014, WOW. I would normally rant and say I'll do better and I'll update more, but things get in the way. Life gets in the way. Cliche I guess haha. I'm going to try and make a short and simple update, because my blog really needs a new post-my own fault.

I will start off by.. telling you what major(ish) things have happened since my last update..sound good? Good. So my last post said I was super stoked about the New York trip, and yes I did go and I had such an amazing time! If you don't already, you should follow me/subscribe to me on YouTube because I post videos at least once a week, and my New York trip was captured daily and uploaded onto YouTube! So, yes, the New York trip, I went with the art club, and WOW, just wow. It was amazing! The pizza and the museums, yes yes yes, just an amazing time. So I don't ramble about how I was fortunate enough to go, checkout my videos.

So about a week or so after my NY trip, I was able to visit Savannah, Georgia with my Granny for a weekend. We went because my cousin, Katarine, goes to SCAD, and they were having a parent weekend type thing and I was luckily invited to join my Granny! Savannah, GA, is a very pretty place! Not as crowded as NY, haha, a plus! What I liked most about that trip, besides spending some time with my family, was the SCAD Chalk Art. These students had AMAZING work done in chalk, blew my freakin' mind o.o. (also a video on my YouTube channel). So Georgia was nice as well ^-^.

Those are the 2 major trips that I went on, I really didn't go into detail with because well, I am sure the videos would be more awesome to watch and such.

2nd year in college, woot woot! Spring semester actually starts this coming Monday O.O. Last semester, I had Ceramics 2, Painting 1, 2 different Englishes (one half the semester, then the other the last half), and an online Computer class. I passed all of my classes! YAY!
So my classes for this semester are, Figure Drawing, 3D Drawing, West Civ, an English, and Art History! I'm excited, but I know that this semester is the semester that I really have to take time and STUDY a lot more than I normally do. I'm wanting a certain GPA for myself, so I need to do my best in my classes in general!

Also! I am VP in SAGA, YAY! It just makes me happy that I am open into being in clubs at my college, it took me forever to join the Art Club, I am so glad that I am in 2 clubs though. I really enjoy it, and I enjoy the people in both clubs.

I think that's it o.o... I said it would be short, thank you for reading!
Have a great week ^-^

P.S. there is more than one NY video.. :D

P.S.S me and my Mom got matching tattoos..

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