Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm More Experienced in Life?

The other night I was talking to my friend about who was more "experienced", and no, we were not talking about sexually, haha! When I was discussing how I am more "experienced", I realized that I have really went through some rough shit. Was I really trying to prove I was more experienced because of all the bad shit that has happened during my life, or was it my brain trying to make me realize, "hey girl, you are making it and you should realize it". Weirdly enough, my brain was right. I may not have been as fortunate as others, but who I am now is someone I am proud to be. I am really making it. I am in college to further my education and so that I can transfer into a program I am really interested in.-to me, that's a start.

I was debating on actually posting the types of questions that were brought up by myself that led me to think "I am more experienced in life", and I think I will. They may seem like nonsense, but they aren't..in a way. I'm just throwing them out there, so you all can get an idea.

"Ever have an immediate family member go to jail or prison?" 
"Ever have to live with a guardian, or away from your parents for more than 5 years?" 
"Ever skip classes or drop out?"
"Ever want to be put in the hospital just to see who really cares?"
"Ever been emotionally abused?"
"Ever witness someone so high, that they couldn't even paint your toenails?"
"Ever have to act like an adult for an adult?"
"Any family members who have had cancer or currently have cancer?"

I'm not sure what you make of the questions I asked to see if this person really knew anything about what someone goes through, but the fact that they all are apart of my life, even if some of it is in the past, is interesting. Why did I even let all of that out? Why bother? Well, I am guessing it's good to let some things out, even if they aren't good things. Everything that may have been unfortunate in my life, may have affected me, but I am a pretty positive person, and I love that about myself.

After everything, and at the end of the day, I like who I am and I love myself. That is the most important thing to do for yourself.

Love yourself, and don't let your past affect your future in a negative way. 

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