Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th! Friday the 13th DUN DUN DUN DUN.

Stay in your house kids! Friday the 13th is always a scary day.

Hey everyone! I know I keep saying i'll update more, but I truely will when fall comes around :3, so just stay tuned! I likes to write so :3. Oh! I also write in a journal, crazy huh? Actually, it hurts my hand to write every night because it cramps up DX and gets tired from me writing so much haha. My journal is for more secret private stuff so :x ha!

You indeed have missed somewhat of a handful, kinda, maybe, possibly, you'll see xD.
Emerald Point? That was a good day. Of course I go on everything haha, except dare devil drop because I have done it everyyyy year and I just didn't want too. I hate the wedgies afterwards xD.
I also didn't get sunburnt which was a million plus's! I hate getting burnt and when I don't, I rejoice haha. That's about it for that I suppose.

I went to White Lake in June, and then I went back July 4th week.
How this started was that Brooklynn called me actually, asking if I wanted to go. The last time I had seen any of them over there or had stayed the night was like late December or early January, so yes a shock to me. Of course I wanted to go! That's White Lake, and I always like to get out of the house whenever I can. At first actually, I wasn't going to go but Memaw said she would give me money to go, so what the heck!  We stayed a week in June, which was fun. I tell you I must have bought like 200000000000 airheads from the giftshop beause whenever I came in they knew why hahahah. So yesh alot of yummy airheads! Iunno if anything super duper excited happened really haha. I swam, in the water, of course haha. That week however Memaw and Papa Joe were not with us.
The first week in July they were, crazy kinda. That week was a good week, kinda. We swam everyday, not long though haha, freaking hot as balls out there! We went to a water park that week, compared to Emerald Point that waterpark wasn't really anything o.o. They had this high big twisty slide that I rode about ten times haha. Brooklynn did it twice, she was scared haha, it happens I guess.
Memaw did cause a few arguements that week, but it was only like the first three days so eh. The difference between the me last year and the me this year is that, HECK YEAH I'M 18, technically an adult so, no such thing as back talking right? Apparently, that isn't true haha. If I had to really listen to anyone, it'd be my Dad, Mom, and Step Mom, since I am considerate. :3. But it wasn't a terrible week, just had to throw that in there haha. The fireworks there were kinda a disappointment, but it was still nice. I like to watch fireworks. BAM, POW, ahhhh pretty colors! Haha, that may be me o.o..

Before I end this White Lake stuff, I must add that the most people at Clear Water are kinda stuck up. I did however have a girl "friend", I wouldn't consider her a friend haha but yeah. Random girl, telling me about how she gave a guy a blowjob and that she wasn't a hoe. WHY TELL ME?! Makes you really sound like you're a whore haha. I say that because she did it to make her ex jealous o.O. This girl, no joke, is 14. Mouth drop right? I didn't really like this girl. I could add more if you must know but I won't for her sake. Now, what really pissed me off that week was that (gave two little boys a ride to their house on the golfcart) these two guys, like 12, who said they were 14, psh liars, were total jerks! They better be glad I didn't punch them in the face or kick them in their non-puberatated XD balls. They talked crap about Jacob having his ear pierced, and of course I stood up for Jacob because that is how I am, and then one talked crap about my piercings. Which I didn't care, my body, my life. But seriously, come one. That wasn't the thing that really made me mad about this whole situation, what made me mad was that Brooklynn was right there!!!!! Jacob is her brother and yet she couldn't stand up for him? Talking shit crap about your brother and you are just going to sit there? Fucked Freaked up man. Sad really. Now, Brooklynn if you are reading this, don't get all mad. But not sticking up for your family is wrong :(, sorry doll. I love you though. Overall both White Lake trips were good.

Ged? How's it going you may ask? Still in that fucking freaking class. Actually, only working on math, pre test next week! I have alllll of my referrals except the math one, meaning I have all the big tests except my Math one. That is the only thing I have to work on, that is good though haha. Dad actually went to get his GED, sadly, he has to more refferals to get and he JUST started. Talk about me feeling dumb -_-. First, Stephen finishes in like two days, and now Dad is right at me :/, not really up lifting. Makes me feel dumb >.<. But you should never compare yourself to anyone! Is what Stephen says. Just makes me feel dumb though. I hate that feeling. I am almost done though. I will be done before the end of August, hopefully done BY August! The big tests, excluding math, or next week and the week after :) Wish me luck!

College? Yes. I have ACTUALLY figured that out and what I really want to do now. I know I keep changing that part haha. I actually had it down to two different colleges, one with a Film & Production thing and one with Advertising& Design one. Now, knowing me which do you think I chose? DUH, Film & Production! It's like a 30- 45 minute drive from where I live, which isn't to bad I guess.
PCC by the way, the college, Piedmont Community. RCC doesn't off the Film&Production thing so yeah! I am actually really excited :3! I only have to go for two years, surprisingly. So, I could always go back to college for something else afterwards, most people go 4 years so o:, we'll see! That's that haha.

This is the car I found that I liked.
Car? Adrianna, you obviously need a car to get to college or is your Dad going to take you? xD. Yes, I have to get a car, sadly. I don't really want to drive, but I have too. My Dad goes to work, and blah blah blah etc. So yeah, I have to get a car to go places. I asked my Mom, not to long ago, when I pass my GED if she and her boyfriend would think about getting me a car. She said she would talk to him. And now Monday they have an appointment to look at the car I like/picked out. 2003 Blue Chevy Cavalier, I really like it. Since this car didn't go pass my starter car money limit or near it, I am going to get a paint job done to it (if they are still going to say yes to it), purple! I wants a purple car :3!  I know all my signs! I have been studying the laws and such, for the driving test. Next week, hopefully, I am going to go and try to get my license. I actually, haven't had alot of time on the road driving because Dad won't let me. Angel let me drive like 5 times, a good distance though, which was nice...and scary DX. I need more practive on the driving part before I take the driving on the road test, but iunno if that will happen. Just wish me luck!

So the goals before August 15th. Get GED, PASS driving test to get my license, and then APPLY for PCC!

Oh, yeah. I will be looking for a job after I get my GED :3! I want money hahahaha. So yeah.
That's about it guys/girls.

I hope everyone is having an awesome fun filled summer!

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