Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Like woah! June 6th.

Hai hai! Blah blah. Iunno what to write O.O. But this has to be done haha. Besides listening to Lancifer is really upbeat and motivating ^-^, really o.o, look him up o.o, better yet, there wil be a video at the end of this entry, WOOT!
The past week and a half I stayed with Nina, pretty fun. Not to shabby. Addison is getting bigger and bigger o.o, well most babies do now don't they? Hahaha. Blonde moment, my baddddddddddddd.

Oh! Allie and Bekah had written me while I was gone, so yay. I love having penpals hahah. Pretty fun. I like to write. Obviously. Bekah doesn't really write as much as Allie. But I suppose I don't mind.
A letter is a letter! WOOT.

Bleh bleh.
Oh my gawsh  guys! I keep changing what I want to do career wise. And I think I have finallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy figured everything out. Do you wanna know?! Do you!?
Well. I love making Youtube videos, and editing them. So I figured I should do something in media, like iunno, that is what I have figured out so far! Of course with Photography and Business as well. Just adding onto my amazing list haha.

Still looking for somethingI am great at and I have yet to find it so. Eh.

Have an amazing weekend guys! Also, Emerald Point is calling my name Friday, woot!
Bye loves <3.
LANCIFER :D, clickkk.

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