Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5th,..6am.

Morning everyone,well good day! Yes yes,I am quite aware of the time, and I have yet to go to bed. Woke up at 12 and have been up ever since. It was snowing! Yes snowing, snowing is pretty amazing almost as amazing as rain but I love rain<3. But as I was saying, the snow was petty falling and there was kinda alot. Me,Austin and Allie went out to play around but we went inside a building thingy and messed around..Austin got on the roof and almost fell in it was really funny except for the fact that he could have...DIED.Well, probably not but you get the scary part! Anyhow,that was pretty fun. I basically chilled all day after that until like 6pm, then I went to my brothers;Stallone. He is totally rad and awesome(: I loves him bunches! He played outside a little then watched tv, the usual things that you probably would do with your sibling. So yeah, its late..well early haha. Hope everyone had a great weekend and snow day! I did. I wish everyone the best of holidays and birthdays and so on.
Oh yeah, I learned how to knitt,haha. I made a hat/beanie;3
Love yall.

My hat! --->

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