Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd my Loves.

Ello bumble bees,even though I probably shouldn't say that because its like fall..and wouldn't bumble bees die? Let me restate then. Hello snowflakes! (thats better than dead bees,lol) How are yall? Hopefully fabulous! Thats the first I have wrote that word in forever,fabulous,that is;not thats two times haha. My day was decent with a slice headache on top, thats right, I had a headache and still do;which me and you both know they suck major anus hole haha. I still wanna V-BLOG DARNNNIIITTT. Gr. I shall when I can, don't judge me. xD So yeah you all better have had a good day.(:
My day yesterday wasn't has good as it was today. I had like two meltdowns yesterday, cried and shiz..for basically know reason. Just cause my friends were being douches and stuff but we're good. I'm no baby or a wimp:/. After that, I went to my cousins who I have not seen since like the summer or some shiz! I have honestly missed them all,and even my Memaw. After the rumble we all had it was weird and stuff, but now its good thank gawd haha. I like having a family, not that I dont have one..just not a big one. That does kinda suck at times but eh I have gotten use to it. Hope you and your familys are great(:
So,it sucks I cant blog as much as I want, which is quite alot but im sure not alot of people read this stuff...Why would they? Its kinda lame and boring at the same time truthfully. So my question for everyone is what should I do to make my blog more really. I want veiws, I wanna feel specail yo!
Actually, I'd just rather be a....HERO. ;D Heck yeah,I went there. You could be my little person I say! That way I will be special haha, wouldn't that make you special too? haha. Everyone is special (:
By the way, there is alot of bad punctuation(sp?) in my blogs..which sucks cause I actually like grammar.
Don't judge me,haha!
So there you have it loves, just a random update.

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