Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday,October 20.

Hey people. It's me Adrianna, so how is everyone? I hope great as always. Why wouldn't I wish the best for people that who read my shiz. Hell yeah! So anything new with me? Hmm,I don't really know. I started to talk to one of my ex's from a year ago. He's a really sweet guy, my Dad says he'll be "the one" when im older. Like how the heck does he know? Noone can know all that. Who knows,the future is usually undetermined, or at least for me it is. You guys school is going alright! Still gotta take ten classes all year to be in 11th next year..Wish me the best of luck and hope(;
I ate some Third Degree Dortios last night, that shit was one FIREE. I can handle alot of hot and spicy stuff but something in that made me drink alot of water. xD
Thats some update(:
Talk you to cuties later<3

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