Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3rd. 11:26 pm.

Nina and I <3.
Long time no speak! I would update with so much crap that has happened, but nothing to serious has really happened, well the super serious awesome stuff I am about to tell of course!
I hope EVERYONE ANYONE had a super amazing Christmas and New Year, and hope everyone atleast got the thing they wanted most. (:

Soo to really update things, I visited my Mom in Asheville and winded up staying for two months! For the MOST part it was really fun and great, the last few days I was there was about the worst part but I guess that stuff happens haha.
Found out my step brother, Austin, has really bad kidneys.. Really sucks. But right now he seems to be doing well with the occasional side hurting :/. The doctors don't know TO much so I am not really going to say anything because I myself really don't know anything about. But I can tell you this, I don't consider him a "step" brother, so you or anyone can assume how it must feel on me AND my family > :/
Now that stuff happened a few months ago obviously so yeah haha. To update what I can talk about, probably not in detail, I don't know, just depends xDD.

NEXT WEEK..... I actually FINALLY start college! *yay!* *screaming* *shouting* *woot woot!* *throws popcorn* <-- I don't know what happened for a second there haha. But yeah, COLLEGE. That big place were so called smart people go *eye twitch*, I joke, I don't know how smart you have to be to go to college but hey if I am going then you probably shouldn't have to be TO smart at all haha. But yeah again, COLLEGE, ME, GO THERE, NEXT WEEK....MONDAY actually, so yeah, like I said college o.o....
I went today to get my student ID made and get all the things I needed from the book store. All I can really say about that is.. THANK YOU FINANCIAL AID GOD O.O, haha, like seriously, my classes all together was $809 I believe and then I spent $434 at the bookstore, again, this is because of financial aid, so noone rob me please o.o, if you DON'T happen to know what financial aid is then I suggest you look it up, I has no money so NO rob me o.o.
Addison and I <3.
I start this coming up Monday! I am kinda excited but mostly nervous. Like, where to sit and what to wear and all that normal nervous crap I think haha. My earliest class time I think is 9am, how cool, not getting up 6am thank you thank you! I am hoping the work won't be to hard but I know right there saying that, is asking to much haha, i'll just do my best I suppose. Stephen also starts college this semester too <3.
I'm not naming all my classes on here, just for privacy I guess, never know how people will act if they know my schedule and shiz haha. But, Mondays will suck. Getting up at 9am, then leaving at 12 in the afternoon THEN I have to go back at 6pm and leave right before 9, so crazy haha.
Stephen (:
I'm just really happy to be doing something, college wise. Even though the major I am doing, Cosmetology, isn't really what I wanted to do it is something that has caught my interest. But, photography and making/editing youtube videos is still a HUGE part of me myself. I'm hoping those two things will also be a hobby for me if Cosmetology turns into something also huge for me. I've also enjoyed dying my hair in the past, so we will see what happens when I actually take those classes. (:
If you are out of high school or if you have your GED, I suggest you go to college, just a thought. But now a days you can't do anything without a degree in something.
I wish all the other first time collegers luck on their first days as well, and have a great semester for everyone in college or in high school! (:

Well, I need sleep. Goodnight everyone and have a great NEW year. (:

           Also, got my anti tragus pierced (: >> 

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